Imdaad introduces use of bio organic pesticide solutions as part of innovative initiative

Wednesday 13 July 2016
Jamal Abdullah Lootah, CEO, Imdaad

Dubai - MENA Herald: Long-term use of conventional pesticide can lead to a range of harmful side-effects to the environment, as well as to the people who are constantly in contact with it. However, as bio-organic pesticides have been introduced to the market, companies are no longer confined to using synthetic solutions. The product offers a wide range of benefits that can address the needs of the customers without posing a significant risk. As bio pesticides can effectively target particular pests and specific areas, they are more effective even in small quantities. They are also more environmentally friendly and reduces risk of prolonged exposure to the operators. In addition, they also decompose quickly and are less likely to have resistance issues.
In light of this, Imdaad, a leading provider of integrated facilities, environment and energy management solutions in the GCC, has recently announced that it is gradually replacing its chemical pesticides with organic bio-chemical pesticides. The move falls in line with Imdaad’s CSR projects and Green Environment initiative with the company’s Pest Control Division which aims to ensure that a significant percentage of the total chemical purchase in 2016 will include organic bio chemicals.
Jamal Abdullah Lootah, CEO, Imdaad said, “We are excited to pursue this new program as this is an important aspect of our Green Environment initiatives. We remain committed towards initiatives that will promote sustainability, protect the environment and ensure the health and safety of our workers and the public. We are currently developing a strategy for its gradual implementation so that we can make this change across all our projects.”
Green pesticides are not yet widely adopted, as most companies within the sector are not aware of the negative and potentially harmful effects of environmental pesticides. As a result, very few companies have integrated this change to their operations. The initiative will be gradually implemented in a strategic manner and falls in line with the company’s active efforts to promote environmental sustainability and protect the well-being of the community at large.

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