Genetec to showcase next generation intelligent security solutions at ‘Smarter Dubai Forum 2016’

Monday 19 September 2016
Firas Jadalla, Regional Director - Middle East and Africa, Genetec

Dubai - MENA Herald: Genetec Inc. (Genetec), a leading provider of open-architecture, unified IP security solutions, will attend the ‘Smarter Dubai Forum for Safety and Security’ next week to share its expertise in helping cities plan and adopt next generation intelligent security solutions. Taking place on September 20th 2016 at the Sofitel Downtown Dubai, the regional event will highlight the role of how both the private and public sectors are deploying the latest technologies to realize a secure, safe and environmentally friendly urban existence. Genetec will be at the conference to facilitate the discussion of how ‘smart cities’ can also be ‘safe cities.’

Aligned with its ‘Citywise’ initiative, which brings together urbanists, security experts, public officers and private enterprises to examine how cities operate and how they can be improved, Genetec will also address the growing need for ‘Cybersecurity’ and the ‘Security of Security’ in the region. These topics emphasize the importance of collaboration-designed security solutions that are ‘hardened’ against cyber-attacks, with strong authentication, authorization and encryption to assure privacy and integrity for security content starting at the camera or 'edge' and extending all the way to the Archiver and the Security Desk.

In accordance with the vision of the UAE and the governing administration of Dubai, ‘Smarter Dubai Forum for Safety and Security’ aims to play a strategic role in transforming the city into one of the world’s leading cities in safety, security and systematic developments. The event is expected to draw in the participation of top-tier influencers, decision-makers, and experts including real estate developers, engineering consultancies, architects, construction management and safety & security professionals.

Genetec and its collaborative relationship with Axis Communications is seen in the industry as one of the first steps in the security industry to address the growing need for 'Security of Security'—through a new level of secure integration with cameras from Axis Communications, based on Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) as a means of encrypting and hardening surveillance content against cyber-attacks and unauthorized interception.

“We are looking forward to participating at this year’s ‘Smarter Dubai Forum,’ which will give us the opportunity to showcase the latest in next generation intelligent security solutions, while also discussing the Genetec-sponsored ‘Citywise’ initiative,” said Firas Jadalla, Regional Director - Middle East and Africa, Genetec. “True to the objectives of the forum, much of what Genetec does involves the creation of innovative networked security platforms and connections with city and enterprise partners. We are proud to be part of this event--serving as a key venue for industry professionals to communicate with government decision-makers, regulators and investors.”

Genetec continuously espouses the need for shared information within a community, as this is the driving force in getting businesses, schools, neighborhood groups, as well as local, state and government departments involved in city security. The efficient use of existing infrastructure requires synergies, like using automatic license-plate recognition cameras to help redesign roads, make sidewalks safer and ensure trash collection isn’t tardy. High-tech touches do not necessitate an entire overhaul of a city’s infrastructure. Cities must work together, share information and communicate to create resilient communities, ones that acknowledge that all kinds of events happen, good or bad, yet can be prepared to react and respond accordingly.

Through the years, Genetec has managed to maintain a strategic position that clearly understands the inherent benefits and challenges that cities face when implementing a collaborative approach to safety, and provides the technology via its unified security platform, Security Center, that can scale to manage hundreds-to-thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of cameras—unified with access control, automatic license plate recognition and many third party software and hardware ‘edge’ devices.

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