BenQ’s RP750 Flat Panels Create Interactive, Collaborative Experience

Sunday 31 July 2016

Dubai - MENA Herald: BenQ, the internationally recognized leader in Interactive Flat Panels (IFP) for schools and offices, is upgrading its successful RP Series. The new RP Series allows ideas to be captured and shared on the fly in real time. True collaboration is now possible through BenQ’s unique hardware and software solutions.

The new additions to the RP series introduces, for the first time in the market, BenQ’s 20-point multi-touch support, allowing more people to participate at one time. The screens are SGS-certified, anti-glare/anti-microbial and also include an ionic silver agent that can kill most bacteria on contact. BenQ refers to this unique feature as “anti-germ (AG+) coating”, perfect for a meeting room environment. Also included in the new RP Series is EZwrite 3.0, BenQ’s annotation app designed to facilitate interactive sessions. When combined with the NFC Pen – a lightweight, NFC-enabled stylus – creating ideas and annotations becomes an ultra-simple experience.

“BenQ’s new RP Series is designed to tap into dynamic possibilities for idea sharing, whether in the classroom or meeting room,” said Manish Bakshi - Managing Director Middle East & Turkey. “With the new RP Series, true collaborative teamwork is created. BenQ has combined its leading-edge display technology with robust, intuitive software to achieve a touch-enhanced, smooth, interactive experience,” he added.

EZWrite 3.0, QTouch and NFCPen: Powerful Annotation Solutions
Just tap the NFCPen on the screen’s NFC sensor to activate EZwrite 3.0 and start writing. Participants can immediately enjoy making notes with a wide variety of colored pencils, highlighters and backgrounds. EZwrite’s floating on-screen toolbar allows a quick change to the pen color or an instant capture of a screenshot.
Add BenQ’s exclusive optional QTouch software to enhance your interactive experience. QTouch has an expanded, easy-to-use interface that allows more input options so as to better express ideas. QTouch is Windows-compatible and supports all major video file formats, as well as web page inputs.

Designed with Health in Mind: Germ-Resistant, Anti-Glare, Low Blue Light, Flicker Free
BenQ’s new RP Series comes with SGS-certified AG+ screens to reduce glare and minimize bacteria. The screen coating can effectively restrain the microbial growth of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. The anti-glare surface cuts reflections, providing participants with more legible text. No special sterilization or heavy detergents are needed: to clean, simply wipe the screen with a clean cloth.
The new RP Series has TUV-certified flicker free technology and low blue light technology to minimize eye strain.

Other Product Features
All new models support Full HD resolution. (4K Ultra-High-Definition resolution available on model RP750K)
Front I/O port, USB 3.0, HDMI and microphone ports are all located on the front panel, making it easy for speakers to plug in peripheral devices.
Hot keys are provided for volume and input source control, as well as functions that can help direct participants’ attention back to the speaker, such as Blank & Freeze.

InstaShow -- BenQ’s wireless, no-software presentation system!
InstaShow is BenQ’s presentation system that connects a user’s computer to a central display or projector wirelessly. With the touch of a button, the meeting collaboration system allows up to eight participants to share their laptop on a connected projector. It is an all-hardware solution that simply plugs into the source laptop and starts working. It bypasses the complicated steps of IP addresses, driver installation, app execution, setting selection, and so forth, to quickly deliver professional, stable visual quality, enabling teams to collaborate freely and confidently.
Since it is a software-free device, it boasts of universal compatibility and display flexibility. The no-software solution allows multiple presenters to present on any device with the simplest plug-and-play operation, requiring no driver installation or execution and compatibility with any operating system, or hardware platform. InstaShow even obviates the need for WiFi infrastructure, allowing employees and visitors to enjoy simple and quick wireless presentations.

“Today’s learning spaces require solutions that enable all meeting participants to seamlessly share content with the group without hassling with cables, connectors or even software,” said Manish “With InstaShow, any participant — even a guest — can automatically take control of the space and achieve seamlessly connectivity without disrupting the flow of conversation.”

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