9 in 10 Professionals Happy with Their Companies’ Support During Ramadan

Monday 20 May 2019
Omar Tahboub, General Manager,
Dubai - MENA Herald:

The latest ‘Ramadan in the Middle East & North Africa Region’ poll conducted by, the Middle East’s largest job site, revealed that 92.1% of professionals in the region believe that their employers provide adequate support during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

When asked what special adjustments their employers make during the Ramadan, over three quarters (78.3%) of respondents mentioned that their employers offer flexible working arrangements or shorter hours. Additionally, 1.5% said they were given more rest breaks throughout the day, 6.6% said they maintain health and safety at work, 0.7% tolerate lower productivity/leniency with deadlines, and 8.8% agreed their employers ticked all of these boxes.

According to poll takers, the following are the key areas that employers can do to improve their support: avoiding scheduling meetings in the morning (60.9%); setting special Ramadan working hours (22.4%); arranging special prayer times and facilities (7%); and organizing Iftar gatherings (4.8%).

Productivity during Ramadan

When asked how satisfied they were with their performance levels during Ramadan 2018, the vast majority (87.8%) of professionals stated that they were satisfied with their performance in Ramadan.

Responding to whether they feel optimistic about their careers during Ramadan, a large proportion of respondents (95.1%) agree that they do. As for job seekers, 94.4% of them state that they have more time to search for jobs during Ramadan, with only 3% stating otherwise. In fact, the vast majority of job seekers had positive feelings on job availability during Ramadan, with only 1 in 4 saying otherwise (26.6%).

“The month of Ramadan continues to be a key highlight in the calendars of many MENA professionals,” said Omar Tahboub, General Manager, “As the region’s largest job site, we continue to have 15,000+ jobs on every single day and we welcome everyone to make use of these opportunities and employers to find their talent needs.”

Data for the 2019 ‘Ramadan in the Middle East & North Africa’ poll was collected online from April 3, 2019 to May 19, 2019. Results are based on a sample of 7,937 respondents. Countries that participated are the UAE, Bahrain, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Tunisia, KSA, Yemen, and others.

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