1.5 Million Job Seekers Contacted on Bayt.com Last Year

Sunday 03 March 2019
Omar Tahboub, General Manager of Bayt.com
Dubai - MENA Herald:

Bayt.com, the MENA region’s leading job site, reported that the number of CV searches undertaken by employers approached the three-million mark in 2018 alone. This high job talent hunting activity goes hand-in-hand with the number of CVs that were contacted: Bayt.com closed the year with more than 1.5 million job seeker contacts revealed through it’s CV search technology.

The following were among the most searched for job areas on Bayt.com last year: sales, accounting, HR, Secretary, Marketing, Engineering, Project Management, Customer service, Finance, Graphic design, Nursing, Procurement, Information Technology, Legal, Business Development, and many more.  

“At Bayt.com, we are determined to support the MENA’s job market by strengthening connections between job seekers and employers, and 2018’s numbers are a testament to that,” says Omar Tahboub, General Manager of Bayt.com.

After reaching a database of 35+ million CVs, Bayt.com also developed several more AI-powered technologies to further enhance the process of connecting employers with top talent through its flagship CV Search tool.

Notably, meaning ontology was created, where employers are given meaning-based suggestions based (as opposed to text-based suggestions) on their searches making the queries far more accurate. For example, if an employer is looking to hire an “account manager”, the CV Search bot will suggest titles of similar meanings like “Sales manager” or “business relationship manager”. This can also aid employers when trying to fill a vacancy with a broad job description, or even fill multiple vacancies within the same team.

Another recent addition to the Bayt.com CV Search tool is the auto-stamped feature. This mechanism automatically gathers all CVs that are related to the employer’s search query, including all the variations that should fall under that name being searched for. For example, if an employer is searching for a new employee using a university name, company name, job title, or such, the results will be delivered regardless of name variations such as different spellings, typos, and acronyms.

Employers can also utilize various filters and query-specific suggestions that can either expand or narrow down their search and ultimately aid them in hiring their ideal candidate. One more impressive feature is the ability to reverse search. Employers who already have a CV of their ideal hire can upload the document and allow the CV Search technology to find exact matches to their sought after employee.

Tahboub adds: “With a database as large as Bayt.com’s, employers are not only increasing their usage of the jobsite; they are also finding easier and more efficient ways to acquire top talent. Bayt.com has a history of heavily investing in innovation and technology that is disruptive to the industry and so we’ve realized that AI and cutting edge technologies are here to answer the latest needs in the market. With the robust features we’ve developed, Bayt.com’s CV search gives employers new horizons of talent search, matching, and recruitment.”

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