Kuwait Ministry of Education and Microsoft empower teachers with technology skills for the classroom

Tuesday 31 May 2016

Kuwait - MENA Herald: Kuwait’s Ministry of Education (MoE) and Microsoft Kuwait have conducted training sessions to train 650 teachers on technology that is essential to the modern classroom, with a view to driving learning transformation across MoE schools in the country. The first training session spanned across six weeks introducing teachers to various productivity tools such as Office 365, Expert Educator Network, Office Mix and more. The teachers attended a three-hour workshop over five consecutive days, which gave them the required skills to act as technology ambassadors in their schools and transfer knowledge to their students as well.

With the Ministry’s agreement with Microsoft, teachers will have access to the latest version of suites such as Office 365 and applications such as OneNote and Office Mix, through which educators can transform the learning experience with technology, tools, and resources, ultimately inspiring students to reach their highest potential.

Additional benefits that the teachers experienced included updates on innovative teaching practices, access to technology that can aid the education experience, and tips on how they can support students acquire up-to-date skills.

Dr Haytham Al-Athari, Undersecretary Ministry of Education, said: “Technology is a critical component of our everyday lives, and is therefore a necessary addition to our classrooms. In partnership with Microsoft, we are providing our teachers and students alike with the tools needed to propel the education system into the 21st century, allowing us to ensure that students receive the best possible education and skills they need to succeed in today’s world.”

Charles Nahas, General Manager at Microsoft Kuwait, said: “Microsoft is committed to provide latest technologies to educators on their journey to improve student learning experiences, by bridging the gap between technology and teaching. Students and teachers are our number one priority and by engaging with the Ministry of Education, we are empowering teachers and students with the latest technology directions that will enhance their academic experience, which will be augmented by improved tech-savviness on the part of the teachers.”

“Our mission is to keep our education system upgraded to cater to the changes our society witnesses and to activate its role in building the future abilities of our students” said Eng Huda Al-Mutairi, IT director, Ministry of Education (MoE) “We understand the importance and value of technology in education and together with Microsoft improve both the access to and the use of technology for the support of the teaching and learning process as well as for empowering every student with skills.”

Microsoft Public Sector lead, Alaeddine Alaeddine said: "While great technology can never replace great teaching, it is essential that teachers have access to the right tools to help drive the most effective learning. We believe that technology applied in new ways can shift behavior and motivation. The goal is to encourage students learn through doing via earning skills set such as practical application by solving problems, progressing and having fun, with real time feedback from educators."

Office 365 is a solution with many benefits for teachers, students, and school administrators. The suite helps schools organize their users into groups and successfully manage their courses, and also provides benefits to students and teachers such as email, cloud storage, a communication medium, and educational solutions. OneNote for Classroom provides an educational solution that helps teachers and students collaborate efficiently on their coursework inside and outside of the classroom.

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