The Ford Ranger – Born to Work, Bred to Play. How Ford’s Mid-Sized Workhorse has Become the Ultimate Truck for an Active Lifestyle

Wednesday 03 April 2019
Jeddah - MENA Herald:

One of the hottest global trends in the auto industry is the growing popularity of pickup trucks as lifestyle vehicles. In the U.S., several pickups are now the top-selling vehicles in the country’s luxury market and have become the vehicle of choice for celebrities.

Once the tool of choice for people whose business required heavy towing, payload and off-roading, pickup trucks like the Ford Ranger have evolved into modern lifestyle vehicles that offer the same comfort and technologies as cars, but with the versatility and toughness to function as a workhorse, business partner, family vehicle, and anything in-between. Work or play, the modern pickup truck is the ultimate expression of independence and local enterprise.

“We see the same trend happening as well in the Middle East,” said Nicolas Lory, Ford Middle East sales director. “Our customers appreciate the versatility of the Ranger, particularly when it comes to its on-road refinement and off-road ability. Backed by its Built Ford Tough credentials, the Ranger is equipped to take you anywhere you want to go.”

Here are a few of the reasons why the Ford Ranger is the perfect vehicle to fit any lifestyle:

Tough When You Need It

Whether you’re hauling equipment to an off-road job site or moving the family across town, the Ranger Wildtrak’s cutting edge six-speed automatic transmission and refined 3.2-litre turbo-diesel engine delivers all the power and torque you need to tackle even the toughest tasks.

With the Ranger’s 1.2 tons maximum payload and 3,500-kilogram towing capacity, you can carry everything from cylinder blocks to machinery, ATVs or camping equipment.

The Ranger is loaded with technologies like Hill Launch Assist, which stops roll-back when starting or reversing uphill and a Traction Control System, which uses sensors to monitor each wheel for speed and slip and automatically apply brake or increase torque as needed to maximise grip and help avoid wheel spin.

Stylish and Smart Choice for Any Function

While you need a truck that can claw through sand and traverse rock-strewn wadis, you also want something that cleans up nicely and looks as comfortable in the middle of the city as it does in the dunes. In the Ford Ranger, refined design appeal and power live together, in a chiseled face and tough body.

More than just a handsome face, the Ranger is practical and smart, equipped with state-of-the-art safety and entertainment technologies. With the Ranger’s voice-activated SYNC 3® infotainment system, you can easily join a conference call about next week’s project, talk to your kids while you’re stuck in traffic or just browse your favorite playlist, all while never taking your hands off the wheel and your eyes off the road. SYNC 3 is also compatible with Apple CarPlay, mirroring Apple’s features on the eight-inch dash display.

“Whether you’re an entrepreneur who loves road trips with the family, or a mild-mannered accountant by day and thrill-seeker by night, Ford has a Ranger to fit your lifestyle,” added Lory.

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