Arab Poets Compete for the (Okaz Poet) Award

Wednesday 24 July 2019
Taif - MENA Herald:

The organizing committee of “Okaz Poet International Award for Eloquent Arabic Poetry” has begun receiving and sorting applications in the competition with its new look this year, with valuable prizes of 2.1 million Saudi Riyals, of which SAR 1 million will be awarded to the 1st winner.

The organizing committee has announced earlier the competition’s process, stages, eligibility and evaluation criteria, aiming to enhance poetic value of the anticipated poetic competition which is reintroduced in a new look that required poets to attend and compete in interactive setting broadcast live on TV, while previous versions of the competition saw remote/off-site participation.

Poets will be evaluated by a judging panel of expert Arab critics to choose a winner from 22 competitors selected to compete in the preliminary stage, with 11 moving on to the next one.

The “Okaz Poet International Award for Eloquent Arabic Poetry” is a quality event featured at Souk Okaz as per of Taif Season which launches for the first time throughout August under Saudi Seasons umbrella, to highlight KSA status as an Arab tourist destination, and to display Taif’s tourist attractions that make it the top Arab Summer Resort destination.

In addition to Okaz Poet, Souk Okaz will feature other quality events, including: GADT Okaz (Okaz Avenue), Okaz Boys, Okaz Knights, Caravans, Language & Culture Square, Arab Scholars, and several other events and activities in the Crown Prince Camel Festival and Village of Roses, which make up a number of events that are presented innovatively to highlight the depth of Arab culture and history, and the cultural and artistic diversity of Taif, in line with KSA Vision 2030 which includes offering quality entertainment and cultural events that help improve quality of life.

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