WGS 2016: Dubai to Launch 1,000 Information Gathering Projects in Next Three years

Tuesday 09 February 2016
H.E. Ahmad bin Byatt, Chairman of the Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company

Dubai - MENA Herald: Dubai will launch 1,000 new digital data gathering projects, over the next three years, as part of the growth of the internet of things, to develop and improve the services and infrastructure provided to residents.
Speaking at the start of the second day of the World Government Summit, taking place in Dubai, Ahmad bin Byatt, Chairman of the Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company said the expansion of information gathering will enable the Dubai government to design, plan, implement and to continually manage the delivery of services to the public.
The projects will be launched as part of Dubai’s strategy to embrace the internet of things that consists of a network of devices, vehicles, buildings and other items THAT are embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, to enable them to collect and exchange data.
“As far as Dubai’s Smart City platform goes, data will be aggregated from the various sources. The data will be analyzed to give us the knowledge that can be used to make better decisions,” Bin Byatt said.
“If we are able to make better decisions, we will be able to improve the efficiency of the city and if we can do that the productivity of the people will increase. And, if that happens our competitiveness rises. The end result will be more engaged and happy people.”
Bin Byatt acknowledged there will be concerns around privacy and information security.
However, he assured, every measure would be taken to safeguard the data gathered. Highlighting the robustness of Dubai’s digital infrastructure, Bin Byatt said: “Our governance is deeply rooted in the security and protection of information and the exclusive use of data for the benefit of Dubai and its residents.”

The development of the internet of things would provide fertile ground for the UAE’s young people to unleash their creative ideas, Bin Byatt forecast, adding the Dubai government is committed to opening the development of the internet of things to everyone.
“The internet of things belongs to all of us,” Bin Byatt said. “It is all about customized solutions and interaction. So I invite everyone to join the conversation and help us customize the future of our city.”
The World Government Summit has convened over 3,000 personalities from 125 countries. The summit aims to explore more than 70 topics through keynote speakers and major interactive sessions, drawing the participation of world leaders, ministers, decision makers, CEOs, innovators, officials, experts, entrepreneurs, academics, and university students. A number of initiatives, reports and studies are set to be launched during the summit and throughout the year. WGS 2016 runs until February 10 at the Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai.

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