du’s second Exclusive Packages for Special Numbers auction earns over AED7 million

Sunday 07 February 2016

Dubai - MENA Herald: In an evening that gathered an audience with a passion for prestige, du’s second Exclusive Packages for Special Numbers auction off 50 exclusive packages for special numbers earning AED 7,114,000 as a result. First Platinum Plus number (0521111111) was auctioned for AED 2,550,000, whereas the second (0525000000) was sold at AED 1,010,000. The leading operator has allocated part of the auction’s proceeds to support Al Jalila Foundation’s projects in the field of medical research.

Ahmed Aburahima, Executive Vice President, Government Relations, du, said: “We, at du, strive to link public auctions to supporting important social and local issues. This falls under our continued efforts to transform the corporate social responsibility domain. We look forward through allocating part of the auction proceeds to support and create awareness about Al Jalila Foundation’s initiatives as it endeavours to improve medical efforts in the UAE and positively contribute to the health sector.”

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