axiom Launches Mobile Security Package for UAE Android Smartphone and Tablet Owners

Thursday 17 March 2016
Faisal Al Bannai

Dubai - MENA Herald: The region’s largest reseller, axiom telecom, has added a new Mobile Security package to its portfolio of value-added services, offering users across the UAE protection of their personal information and mobile content.

axiom’s latest initiative is in response to a growing need for device protection amid rising cybersecurity threats, regionally and worldwide. In the UAE, nearly half of workers say they have lost personal or company data because of not taking precautionary measures on their mobile phones, according to a 2015 report by Aruba Networks. This places the country among the top five at risk regions for mobile security, according to the study.

“Mobile phones, the data they contain, and their importance in consumers’ everyday life makes them a valuable asset for their respective owners,” says Faisal Al Bannai, Managing Director at axiom. “While consumers have traditionally protected their devices externally and from hardware malfunctions, many of their handsets and tablets are still susceptible to internal threats. This puts their personal content – be it videos, photos, or messages – at substantial risk.”

axiom’s Mobile Security includes anti-virus protection, parental control (subject to the chosen solution), SMS and call filtering, anti-theft software, anti-phishing protection, to safeguard users from password hacking. It also contains a phone locating software, and the option to remotely lock the device or wipe its data in the event it is lost or stolen. An annual subscription fee of AED 99 gives customers one year of comprehensive coverage.

Consumer privacy has also become a particularly significant concern among employers, as more organizations adopt a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) approach to business. Although BYOD offers employees more flexibility, allowing them to work remotely and from their preferred device, it often comes at the price of security, as personal devices are not subject to the same IT security protocols as corporate equipment.

“Many users are not aware of the risks involved, and this is where consumer education plays a critical role,” said Al Bannai. “By engaging customers and offering them a means by which they can safeguard their personal information, they can make the most of their mobile experience while enjoying peace of mind.”

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