Toshiba Storage Continues to Dominate the MEA Region

Sunday 13 December 2015

Dubai - MENA Herald: It’s official. Toshiba makes the most amazing personal storage devices in the whole MEA region! The evidence? In Q3 2015, the company’s storage division solidified its position on the top spot by achieving impressive market shares of 40.72% in KSA and 30.43% in the UAE and 26% in South Africa

This latest market share achievement by Toshiba isn’t mere luck or coincidence. The truth is that for several years now, Toshiba has been the most prominent storage brand in the region. As a matter of fact, Toshiba achieved a simply unbelievable 51.17% market share for storage solutions in Q3 2014 in KSA. As for the UAE, Toshiba’s current market share is almost 3% higher than last quarter’s 27.60%, demonstrating a consistent increase in customer base.

Santosh Varghese, General Manager of Digital Products and Services, Toshiba Gulf FZE, says that we at Toshiba Gulf FZE are very happy about this continued success. He shares, “Even more important than earning high market share is knowing that consumers trust Toshiba products for its superior quality, reliability and product innovations.

Superior Customer Experience is our leading goal at Toshiba. All other achievements just naturally come with it.”

When asked about the contributing factors to the popularity of Toshiba’s storage solutions, Santosh said, “First of all, our newest models offer exceptional features such as wireless technology best suited for Smartphone external storage and very fast read and write speeds in our memory cards. Another contributing factor is our wide range of products which allows us to cater to everyone: customers with different backgrounds and requirements. Toshiba’s reputation for being reliable, along with our customer-focused approach, has also helped greatly.”

Indeed the company is known for offering durable and reliable storage devices that are varied in capacity, style, design and cost, giving consumers with different needs numerous options to choose from.

Two of Toshiba’s latest storage products are the pocket-size and SSD-powered CANVIO AeroMobile, and the CANVIO AeroCast™ HDD, which create their own wireless LAN network, allowing users to access their content even without an Internet connection. Both models have been released in the market earlier this year.

Inspired by its latest success, Toshiba is planning to introduce more innovations to the storage industry in the coming months. It’s all secret for now, but just to give you a clue, professional and amateur photographers will especially be happy about these upcoming models. Exciting times are ahead!

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