Mio’s advanced fitness trackers to be launched in the UAE in collaboration with Alpha Tech

Monday 01 February 2016

Dubai - MENA Herald: Mio Global, a pioneer in health and fitness wearables technology and creator of the Mio ALPHA 2, Mio LINK, Mio VELO and Mio FUSE, collaborates with Alpha Tech, a forerunner in consumer technology retail in the Middle East to bring to the market its award-winning Mio Optical Heart Rate Technology. In a market teaming with chest-strap heart rate monitors, Mio’s heart rate monitors is one of the first accurate heart rate monitoring performance trackers designed as wristbands and smart watches.
Mio’s forerunning performance tracker, the Mio LINK, contains an innovative technology that tracks EKG-accurate heart rate data using advanced algorithms that filter out external factors when gauging performance levels of high-activity sport players as well as sport and fitness enthusiasts looking for accurately charted results from their activity wearables. Teaming up with Alpha Tech, a distributor to consumer technology brands such as Jabra and Jawbone, Mio will be bringing to the table its four brands of smart performance wearables.
Sandra Magnon, International Business Development Manager, Mio Global said, “Smart technology is the new age, and heart rate monitoring in performance wearables for fitness gurus, sport players and those looking for accurate results they can see is increasing, especially in the MENA region wherein chest straps are a local favorite at the gym. That’s where Mio’s fitness trackers come in. We’re here to provide accuracy in sleekly designed smart watches, and are glad to be doing this with Alpha Tech. We have high expectations from the regional market, and look forward to our alliance with Alpha Tech on this endeavor.”
Julien Arnolda, Managing Director, Alpha Tech, said, “We are extremely pleased to have been awarded official distributor rights for Mio’s activity and performance trackers in the region. With our research into the regional market, we have noticed a lot of consumer interest and look forward to the positive attention that Mio’s LINK and VELO will receive. We are optimistic about this venture, and hope that this alliance will be beneficial to both Mio and Alpha Tech.”
Mio will be launching its Mio LINK smartwatch, a revolutionary product that is the first of its kind to track continuous heart rate through various performance levels and simultaneously stream data through the Mio GO app all in a wristband format. A sleek and easy-to-use device, the Mio LINK accurately tracks heart rate without the use of a chest strap, an uncommon trait in today’s fitness wearables technology.
Mio will also be bringing to the market the Mio ALPHA 2, a heart rate sport watch that trackers accurately performance speeds, distances and physical properties of performers while simultaneously transferring data to other smart devices via its Bluetooth® 4.0 enabled technology and is priced at AED 729. The Mio VELO, known as the best GPS navigator, fitness app interactor and performance tracker for cyclists, retails at AED 499. The Mio FUSE, an all-in-one performance and activity tracker that trackers workouts calories and goal processes in tow with the Mio GO app along with the award-winning heart rate technology innovated by Mio Global is available at AED 649, and the MIO Link, the original fitness tracker by MIO with continuous heart-rate monitoring, retails at AED 449. The range will be available at authorized electronic retail outlets across the United Arab Emirates.

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