Microsoft’s Cloud Tools take Analytics and Artificial Intelligence a step further

Tuesday 29 March 2016
Necip Ozyucel, Cloud & Enterprise Solutions Lead, from Microsoft Gulf

Dubai - MENA Herald: To demonstrate the advancement in cloud technology, Microsoft showcased live demos on Emotion Detection, IoT Remote Monitoring solutions and Social Analytics at the Big Data Show, that commenced on the 29th March at the Dubai World Trade Center. Demonstrations highlighting customers leveraging Microsoft technologies were also presented.
Attendees at the Microsoft booth were able to experience the power of Microsoft Cloud technology through the emotion detection application, by uploading their photographs. The emotional API in this latest cloud tool uses photo images as an input and runs a set of operations using the Face API, generating results through analyzing facial expressions. The new cutting edge cloud based technology provides emotion recognition algorithms that enable users to build more personalized applications. Emotions API in the tool identify eight core emotions-anger, fear, contempt, neutral, happiness, sadness and surprise- based on facial expressions and allocate numerical values for them accordingly.
Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite was developed to provide a complete end to end solution for its customers. The first pre-configured remote monitoring solution delivered on the Azure IoT Suite was also demonstrated at the Big Data Show, revealing the ease of monitoring telemetry from devices over time for receiving actionable results. The IoT hub in the Azure IoT Suite has the capability to process massive volumes of data, and the stream analytics service helps detect anomalies and aids in archiving data from various IoT devices. This enables users to customize solutions and get the best of both worlds.
The third demonstration at the event utilized the tremendous influx of data extracted from social media for listening and analyzing it for intelligent actions. Social Media Analytics solutions have the ability to listen to social networks in real time and create analysis and visualizations through Power BI. Unlike many other dashboard solutions, Power BI can render live dashboards with moving charts and continuously updated visualizations for monitoring real-time streams from supported data sources.
Sample dashboards displaying predictive maintenance and health monitoring scenarios were also shown at the Big Data Show, focusing on Microsoft customers ThyssenKrupp and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Healthcare Systems. ThyssenKrupp draws on the potential of IoT and connects its elevators to the cloud to gather data from its sensors and systems that aid in transforming data into valuable business intelligence. While Dartmouth-Hitchcock Healthcare Systems is using Microsoft’s Cortana Analytics Suite and Microsoft Dynamics to utilize predictive analysis for prevention, lower healthcare costs and better patient care. The audience were able to experience how Microsoft technologies can be used to garner insights for improving business intelligence.

Necip Ozyucel, Cloud & Enterprise Solutions Lead, from Microsoft Gulf said “Cloud technology is fast becoming ubiquitous and is permeating all aspects of our daily lives. Demonstrations at the Big Data event are meant to communicate the relevance of latest cloud tools and the possibility of computers performing human functions. Always a step ahead, Microsoft aims to revolutionize modern technology usage by building applications that can also be used as tools for insights and intelligent actions, thus enabling our users to achieve more.”
More than 1500 regional business leaders linked to different industries were present at the Big Data show, in order to gain access to leading technologies for improving big data analytics practices in their domains. The technology breakthroughs presented at the event served to validate the power of cloud based innovation and reflected accurately upon Microsoft’s aims for what the future of cloud services has in store.

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