Instant Cash via MashreqOnline promises unprecedented convenience

Tuesday 27 October 2015
Aref Al Ramli

Dubai - MENA Herald: Continuing to enhance its innovative offerings and to offer simplified financial solutions to customers, one of the UAE’s leading financial institutions, Mashreq announced the launch of Instant Cash via its online banking platform. Customers can now book Easy Cash instantly on their credit cards, transfer other bank card balance to Mashreq by applying for Balance Transfer or book an Easy Payment Plan via the online banking platform.

Customers can apply for Cash Loan of up to 75% of available Credit Card limit and have the option to repay in easy installments at low interest rates.  This is an ideal solution for times when money is needed in a hurry or in an emergency. The instant Easy Cash is a convenient facility that converts the available credit card limit into instant cash and allows customers to receive money instantly in their account. The process involved is simple with no paper work, no waiting time and repayment can be done in easy installments. An added advantage is that customers can choose to transfer cash to a Mashreq account, other bank account or to use the Cardless Cash option via Mashreq ATMs. The new and Unique feature of Cardless Cash option allows customers to use an authentication code generated online on any Mashreq ATM to access funds without using a debit/credit card free of charge.

Customers applying for Instant Cash or Balance Transfer facilities via Mashreq Online enjoy preferential rates as well.

Aref Al Ramli, Head of Electronic Business Innovation at Mashreq said, “As part of the latest Mashreq Digital initiatives, customers are put in the forefront and can now access their funds at all times, no matter where they are located. We have combined the benefits of Easy Cash and Cardless Cash to be able to offer InstaCash. Whether customers are aboard shopping, at home or in the office, with low interest rates we make convenient and fast solutions that are conducive to our customer’s busy lives. Our aim remains to reinforce our commitment to offering the most simplified banking services to meet our customers’ planned and unexpected needs.”

MashreqOnline customers are recommended to apply for Balance Transfer if they are paying high interest on Credit Cards from other banks. Customers can now save money by transferring the balance onto their Mashreq Credit Card at low interest rates.

The Easy Payment Plan (EPP) is one more reason why customers will enjoy shopping anywhere in the world with their Mashreq Credit Card. They can buy instantly and pay later in easy installments where the repayment plan can be conveniently done from 3 to 36 months at low interest or 0% interest depending on the transaction.

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