Standard Chartered wins big at the annual Islamic Finance Awards

Tuesday 16 July 2019
Dubai - MENA Herald:

Standard Chartered Saadiq, the Bank’s Islamic Banking arm, has received 21 awards at the 2019 Asset Triple A Islamic Finance Awards. The Bank was recognised for its sukuk and investment advisory skills, in addition to its innovative products and services offered in the Islamic Finance space. This recognition highlights the Bank’s innovative and diverse range of Sharia’a compliant services to its clients.

Commenting on the awards, Rehan Shaikh, CEO of Standard Chartered Saadiq, said: “We are proud to be recognised for our Islamic offering. The Islamic economy continues to play an increasingly important role within the global banking ecosystem. Standard Chartered is one of the earliest international banks to offer a broad suite of solutions that are aligned with Islamic values. With that being said, the awards are a testament to our hard work and commitment to providing innovative Sharia’a-compliant solutions which meet the aspirations of our clients. Saadiq, which means ‘truthful’ in Arabic, combines our Islamic expertise with strong business acumen to offer our customers the best of both worlds. Islamic finance is a key part of our long-term strategy and we will continue to adopt a more holistic approach to Islamic banking by focusing on its intended purpose while creating an exceptional client experience.”

Standard Chartered has received a total of 44 awards since the start of the year, spanning across multiple markets including Asia, Europe and the Middle East. The Awards highlight the Bank’s diverse array of products that range from capital markets and corporate finance to retail banking is Islamic Banking.

Among the awards received include “Sukuk Adviser of the Year” and the “Best Investment Bank” in the UAE in addition to a number of awards such as the “Best Bank for Digital Innovation”, “Best Bank Capital Sukuk”.

Standard Chartered Saadiq offers a comprehensive Islamic product suite for corporate finance, commercial banking and retail banking clients. It also holds globally recognised capabilities and deals to its credentials. Saadiq’s client base cuts across all business segments and continues to grow.

The Asset Triple A Islamic Finance Awards are one of the fastest growing and most promising niches of global finance, where the best Islamic institutions and transactions in various countries that occurred over the past year are awarded for excellence. Selected winners include organisations that have made a significant contribution to the development of the Islamic banking and finance industry.

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