Management accountant salaries on the rise

Tuesday 20 September 2016
Geetu Ahuja

Dubai - MENA Herald: Salaries within the management accountancy sector have continued to grow, according to the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) Annual Salary Survey.

The annual survey conducted online in July, received inputs from more than 2500 CIMA members and students based in the UAE.

The results reveal that the average monthly earning among qualified CIMA members in the UAE reached AED 33,824 in 2016. According to the research, even those in the process of gaining their qualifications report earning a monthly average of AED 15,533.

Members and students in the UAE are positive about their continued salary development. More than 86% members expect their gross annual salary to grow by an average of 6.3% and a similar proportion of students (98%) anticipate a salary increase over the next 12 months by an average of 9%.

On top of base salaries, 52 % of CIMA students in the UAE expect to receive a bonus in 2016, with the average bonus amounting to 9% of their annual salary. Among CIMA members, 78% expect to receive, on an average, a 10 % of their annual salary in bonuses in 2016.

Geetu Ahuja, Head of Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan, CIMA said: “The positive market remuneration reveal the indispensable role of the management accountants and the value they bring to businesses in the UAE. This is a reflection of the importance of their skillset – they have an ability to help drive good decisions in the short, medium and long term, and help business leaders generate value.”

Roughly three-quarters of CIMA’s UAE members (73%) and students (72%) will likely look to switch jobs and join a different organisation within the next two years, with financial reward being the primary motivator, followed by scope of role, and promotion prospects. However, 32% also cited job security as a possible reason for switching businesses. The skills most desired included negotiation and decision making, business planning, project and change management.

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