KAMCO organizes ‘5 Choices’ and ‘7 Habits’ workshop sessions to increase employee efficiency productivity

Wednesday 20 July 2016

Kuwait - MENA Herald: KAMCO Investment Company, a leading investment company with one of the largest AUMs in the region, and a winner of the prestigious Kuwait Asset Manager of the Year Award 2015, hosts FranklinCovey’s “The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity” and “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Organizational Culture Transformation” workshop sessions. The ‘5 Choices’ workshop concentrated primarily on increasing employee productivity through implementing a five-step decision process. While the ‘7 Habits’ focused on the seven key principles that help individuals and leaders become more effective.
Both sessions, held at the Chairman’s Club in KIPCO Tower, included select KAMCO employees who were eager to improve and enhance their productivity in their personal and professional life. Senior Consulting Partner at FranklinCovey, Ms. May Jabri, delivered the highly successful and renowned ‘5 choices’ workshop in cooperation with KAMCO’s HR team and The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS). Mr. Sherif Selim, Consulting Partner at FranklinCovey, delivered the third ‘7 Habits’ workshop.
Mr. Mohammed Al Hubail, Chief Operating Officer at KAMCO, said, “KAMCO’s HR representatives have successfully collaborated with the FranklinCovey team to deliver two more effective workshops to KAMCO employees. These workshops are essential towards progressively developing our long-term strategy, focusing primarily on providing our employees with the necessary tools they need to shift from being ordinary to extraordinary. We believe that setting the learning curve for our employees coupled with the right environment will allow them to reach groundbreaking results. Investing in our employees is in line with our human resource development initiative to train and educate our employees, leading to increased work efficiency, productivity and overall job satisfaction.”
Mr. Al Hubail added, “We would like to show our appreciation and gratitude towards KFAS for assisting and supporting KAMCO’s human resource development initiative and for supporting other firms within the private sector. Their hard work and effort put forth towards correlating and connecting companies within the private sector with firms that retain the necessary resources and tools to elevate a company’s performance to the next level.”
The workshop focused primarily on several productivity principles, which if implemented in the appropriate manner, could lead to directing energy and attention towards making wiser decisions that can create extraordinary outcomes for the individual and the organization as a whole. The five choices presented and explained during the workshop encourage acting on the important tasks rather than the urgent, guiding decision-making through a framework of what success looks like in an individual’s most important roles, the efficiency of weekly and daily planning to execute the most important things with excellence, getting a grasp on technology and using it to improve and simplify daily tasks rather than cause distractions, and defining simple ways to increase energy in order to think clearly, make good decisions and feel more accomplished at the end of every day.
The ‘7 Habits’ workshop concentrated on the seven key principles that help individuals and leaders become more effective. The first habit covered in the session inspires personal change in terms of taking responsibility for the individual’s behavior, results and growth. The second emphasizes focusing on time and energy that can be controlled, rather than what is uncontrollable. The third habit pushes employees to execute and take action on the most important priorities. The fourth habit encourages colleagues to work effectively and efficiently with others to achieve optimal results. The fifth brings attention to the need to communicate effectively at all levels of the organization. The sixth habit accentuates the importance of innovating and problem solving with those who have a different point of view. The final habit seeks continuous improvement and renewal, professionally and personally.

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