GFH Distributes Semi Annual Dividends To Investors

Monday 01 February 2016
Mr. Hisham Alrayes

Manama - MENA Herald: GFH Capital “GFH” announces that it has recently distributed semi-annual dividends for a number of its investments and funds in line with its progressive dividend distribution policy. The dividends were paid to investors of GFH funds with underlying investments in the UAE (Philadelphia Private School and Sheffield Private School), Saudi Arabia (Event Mall in Jeddah) and the United States (Diversified U.S. Residential Portfolio – DURP). Investors received an annual return of 9% from DURP, 11% from the mall in Jeddah Mall, 7% from Dubai’s Philadelphia Private School and 9% from Sheffield Private School.

Mr. Hisham Alrayes, Managing Director of GFH Capital, said: “With our funds and investments, GFH continuously looks at various ways of offering consistent financial returns. These periodic dividend payments are part of our commitment to provide regular returns to our investors. The steady returns from these four assets are a testimony of our strong investment decision making in recent years. In this challenging macro environment, GFH will continue diversifying across asset classes and geographies, to maximize investor returns in 2016 and beyond.”

It is worth noting that GFH has recently agreed to acquire ‘U.S. Industrial Real Estate Portfolio’ with 8.5% annual yield, and a well-known bakery and sweets factory in Jeddah, KSA, with expected IRR of 17.5% per annum.

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