Emirates NBD backs financial independence programme for young adults with disabilities

Wednesday 28 September 2016

Dubai - MENA Herald: Emirates NBD, one of the leading banking groups in the region, is partnering with Integreat Center, a newly founded educational institution for young adults with disabilities, to fund their ‘Money Management’ programme, aimed to teach students with disabilities about financial literacy and enable them to further their financial independence.
Under its Together Limitless platform, the bank will sponsor the one-term course for the center’s inaugural academic year. The programme, aimed at students aged between 16 and 25, will cover a broad curriculum of topics relevant to financial independence including: personal budgeting, wants vs needs, income and expenses and using diverse payment methods.
Emirates NBD will provide its products and services as real life tools for students to learn with, including model ATMs, account opening forms and sample debit/credit cards and cheque books. Students will also be offered field trips to the bank’s branches to practice self-sufficient banking in a learning environment with branch staff to provide any informational or procedural assistance.
Commenting on the announcement, Husam Al Sayed, Group Chief Human Resource Officer at Emirates NBD said: “Emirates NBD is continuously seeking opportunities to enable financial inclusion for people with disabilities in the UAE. By fully supporting Integreat Center’s Money Management, we have the chance to give these young students a real-life learning opportunity so that when they enter the real world, they will have the skills to be more financially self-sufficient.”
Nikita Patel, Co-founder, Integreat Center added, “Integreat Center has several synergies with Emirates NBD in the areas of financial, workplace and societal inclusion for individuals of all abilities and we are proud to partner with such a forward-thinking, impactful organisation. The Integreat Center Money Management module has been developed with the support of Emirates NBD; money management is crucial for young adults with special needs as a basic life skill to help them understand the value of money, budgeting and the use of debit cards and banking services, in addition to promoting social integration.”
In addition to the sponsorship, the bank will also look at potential candidates for recruitment from the graduates of Integreat Center as part of Together Limitless’ ongoing efforts to foster workplace inclusion for people with disabilities and grow their employment opportunities.
The bank’s partnership with Integreat Center is part of a series of key collaborations with institutions that advance the development of people with disabilities in the UAE. Under its Together Limitless platform, the bank aims to seek the social, financial and workplace inclusion of people with disabilities as well as position itself as the preferred bank for this target segment.

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