ADIB revamps internet banking to create enhanced digital experience for its customers

Sunday 07 August 2016

Abu Dhabi - MENA Herald: Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB), a leading financial institution, has launched a new version of its internet banking platform to create a more convenient customer experience. The aim is to make it easier for current and new customers to digitally access products and services while catering to the needs of the growing number of customers utilizing digital banking services.
ADIB has seen a rapid growth in customers using digital channels lead by mobile devices. Users of ADIB’s digital banking channels more than doubled in the last 12 months while smartphone transactions increased by 73% in the first half of the year.
The main feature of the new service is the simplicity of the intuitive user experience thus making it more convenient for clients to interact with the bank. The new service has been redesigned based on customer feedback and input. ADIB customers will now benefit from a user-friendly digital banking service, which will let them meet more of their banking needs online and execute faster transactions. The website’s look and feel is aligned with other channels such as ATMs and mobile app thus providing customers with the same experience across all digital touch points. The new digital platform is compatible with all tablets, smart phones and desktop computers, providing customers with the ability to interact with the bank using their preferred device as well as manage all of their personal profiles from one single sign in.
Philip King, Head of Retail Banking of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) said: “Our research and dialogue with users through social media shows that consumers seek digital banking services that are easy, and simple to use with features that fit the ‘multiscreen’ lifestyle as they access their bank using different devices. For this reason, we introduced a new design approach that revolutionizes online banking design and makes it very easy to use for everyone. This is part of ADIB’s digital innovation programme which will include launches of several major new customer offerings over the next 12 months.”
The dual language banking platform can be accessed via a single sign-on service that combines the highest security with the ease of use, with enhanced safety features such as a card management tool that will allow customers to block cards that have been lost or stolen. Customers can access the website safely from different devices without the need to install a new program and current users of ADIB online banking services can use their existing access name and password to sign in. The new service is accessible via ADIB’s homepage
ADIB was the first bank in the UAE to provide mobile banking through Etisalat’s new Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) technology in 2010. ADIB’s mobile banking app - launched in 2014 - was named “most liked app” by customers in the RFI Independent study 2015.

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