ADIB launches new capital-protected investment note

Wednesday 10 August 2016
Daffer Luqman, Global Head of Liabilities and Wealth Management at ADIB

Abu Dhabi - MENA Herald: Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB), a leading financial institution, has launched a new Shariah compliant investment note investing in a basket of blue chip companies from a diversified basket of sectors.
The investment note matures in 12 months and provides 100% protection at maturity to minimize investment risk. The note is currently open for subscription until August 25, 2016 with a minimum investment of USD 30,000. For the first time, customers will be offered the redemption option after a three-month lock-in period.
Daffer Luqman, Global Head of Liabilities and Wealth Management at ADIB said: “This new wealth management product will give our customers access to a diversified basket of international brands, which we believe are currently undervalued. We see significant upside to these shares in the medium term, making them the ideal investment for risk-averse investors. The new note forms part of ADIB’s strategy to provide our customers with tailored products that address their various financial needs and investment profile.”
The note offers investors the opportunity to invest in an equity basket of international retail brands, which include Allergan, Ralph Lauren, Apple Inc and Schneider Electric SE.
This latest offering is part of ADIB’s wealth management approach to providing customers a diversified suite of investment and wealth management solutions. The strategy involves developing and delivering best-in-class solutions tailored to meet the financial needs of customers through effective financial planning and asset allocation.

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