Autopro collaborates with Gulf Rubber Factory to roll out “EnviroMat”

Sunday 24 February 2019
Saif Humaid Al Falasi, Group CEO, ENOC
Dubai - MENA Herald:

AutoPro announced a long-term partnership with Gulf Rubber Factory to launch ‘Enviromat’; a revolutionary car wash mat which will replace millions of previously used paper mats, with a long-term solution using discarded rubber from recycled AutoPro tyres.

The Gulf Rubber factory is a state-of-the-art industrial facility, utilizing modern and leading recycling technologies to produce granular rubber of various sizes. The granular rubber is used in the production of environmentally friendly materials and acts as a substitute for materials imported from abroad. This pilot project from AutoPro is in line with the UAE’s environmental goals to encourage a more sustainable and environmentally responsible nation, eliminating the use of paper from the car wash process.

Diab Abu Shaheen, General Manager, Gulf Rubber Factory, commented: “The aim of this partnership is to offer UAE customers class-leading, eco-friendly solutions. Together with AutoPro, we hope to realise our core vision, which is to be able to fully recycle rubber from used tyres, to produce finished rubber products through an economically sustainable and eco-friendly process. We aim to fully support the UAE Government in dealing with the environmental concerns associated with the disposal of used tyres.”

Approximately 10 litres of water are used to manufacture just one sheet of A4 size paper. 93 per cent of all paper produced comes from trees. At the current deforestation rate, it will take less than 100 years to destroy all the rain forests in the world.

H.E Saif Humaid Al Falasi, Group CEO, ENOC, said: “In line with our commitment towards managing consumption of energy across all our operations, we pride ourselves for continuously identifying opportunities that reduce environmental waste and enhance energy efficiency and resource management.”

Established in 2010, AutoPro has created a network of modern, friendly, conveniently located automotive facilities led by true car care professionals. It offers a host of professional, value-for-money, quick service repairs as well as a variety of carwash and detailing services. All the new facilities are eco-friendly with the majority of ProWash locations utilising water-recycling systems.

Gulf Rubber Factory, established in 2011 was a result of the partnership between the Government of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi represented by the Centre of Waste Management – Abu Dhabi (TADWEER) and the private sector. They are proud to continually endeavour to be at the forefront of the tyre recycling technology industry and they ensure that their production methods employ an environment-friendly, dry and effluent-free process.

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