Al Ain Water aims to further strengthen market position with the launch of Al Ain ZERO

Wednesday 24 August 2016

Dubai – MENA Herald: In a bid to further strengthen its market position, Al Ain Water, the fastest growing bottled water brand in the Region, has announced the expansion of its product portfolio with theintroduction of Al Ain ZERO,a new sodium-free bottled water variant. This launch aims at showcasing the brand’s commitment to introducing new added-value propositions based upon consumer needs, while reinforcing Al Ain’s leadership status.

While there is a steady increase in demand for bottled water across most sub-segments,propositions that relate to health and wellness are in higher demand - and present even more opportunities.

“Al Ain ZERO comes as our definite answer to a very strong consumer need, critically expandingthe options of health-conscious consumers,”says Mr. Fasahat Beg, Executive Vice President ofAgthiain charge of Water, Beverages and Dairy businesses. “As the leading bottled water brand, we are committed to being in constant touch with evolving consumer needs – and ahead of the curve. This is a key driver behind our long-term business strategy and makes innovation a top priority of ours”.

The launch of Al Ain ZERO comes at the backdrop of Al Ain Water achieving 23.2% volume share(AC Neilsen: May 2016 - MAT). “Our position as the clear no.1 has been solidified, giving us room to focus on diversifying our portfolio, and tapping into growing consumer trends with targeted product propositions in the UAE and the GCC,” further added Mr. Beg.

Since its inception Al Ain Water has grown steadily, gaining acceptance and loyalty among diverse segments of the population. The addition of Al Ain ZERO in the Al Ain portfolio is expected to further increase the equity and reach of the brand, as it brings it closer to the needsof a regional consumer base, driven by healthy lifestyle choices.

Al Ain Zero is available in all leading retail outlets, and comes in 3 different size formats - a 330ml bottle, a 500ml bottle and a 1.5 litre bottle.

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