Tuesday 09 August 2016

Atlanta - MENA Herald: UPS (NYSE:UPS) today announced the latest expansion of its popular UPS Worldwide Express Freight™ service to nine new countries: Bahrain, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Malta, Morocco, Pakistan, Qatar, Sri Lanka, and Tunisia. Together with the eight additional countries added within the past year, the service is now offered in 66 origin and 64 destination countries and territories. UPS also expanded UPS Worldwide Express Freight™ service to over 2,110 zip codes in Mexico in June.

This specialized guaranteed service is designed for urgent, time-sensitive, and high-value international heavyweight shipments over 70 kg., making it ideal for product launches, inventory shortages, and equipment failure replacement parts. Since its launch in 2013, the number of businesses using UPS Worldwide Express Freight™ has increased more than 250 percent. The service provides supply chain benefits including:

Reduced transit times
Improved visibility
Reduced inventory safety stock
Enhanced customer service levels
Shorter order fulfilment cycles/times

Commenting on this Jean-Francois Condamine, President of UPS ISMEA, said “We are pleased to see such a growth. In the emerging markets, it reflects the fulfilling of a critical market need. We are thrilled to have commenced operations in these countries. In expanding our services to our customers, we reinforce our commitment to the growing logistics sector in the region.”

UPS research has shown that customers who use UPS Worldwide Express Freight™ have outperformed those who do not. In comparison to their peers, customers using this service have higher growth rates to international markets, evidence they consider UPS Worldwide Express Freight™ a competitive advantage to expanding their business internationally1,2.

“Companies in the healthcare, retail and automotive industries have grown their international volume, 18, 11 and five times more, respectively, using UPS Worldwide Express Freight™ than their peers over the last three years,” said Bill Seward, President, U.S. International, UPS.

“The growth of the UPS Worldwide Express Freight™ service in a relatively short time period shows it is fulfilling a critical market need for a reliable, urgent heavy freight international shipping service. We will continue to invest in service expansions as customer and industry needs evolve,” added Seward.

Service reveals trade lane trends

Leveraging UPS’s global air network and expertise in customs clearance, UPS Worldwide Express Freight™ offers faster guaranteed palletized shipments between 60% of the key city combinations when compared to FedEx’s guaranteed palletized freight service,2. Delivery is door-to-door and day-definite, with customs brokerage service included.

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