UPS Worldwide Epress Plus® Service guarantees morning delivery to more places around the World

Thursday 13 October 2016

Dubai - MENA Herald: UPS (NYSE:UPS) today announced the expansion of its earliest morning package delivery service, UPS Worldwide Express Plus®. By expanding its reach to 28 new countries and enhancing service to cover more postal codes in 25 existing countries, shippers can reach the top 20 economies in the world earlier than ever before.

Businesses in the industrial manufacturing, automotive, healthcare and retail industries use the service for urgent shipments. The UPS Express Plus service offers guaranteed delivery on the next business day as early as 8:00 a.m., depending on the destination.

“Companies that require spare parts quickly to keep operations running, and healthcare customers shipping emergency products rely on the speed and dependability of the service,” said Jim Barber UPS International President. “With this latest expansion, the coverage area comprises nearly 90% of the global gross domestic product and nearly 90% of global real imports.”

“This expansion of our Worldwide Express Plus® service validates our commitment to customers in the UAE and Middle East. It means we now guarantee early morning delivery for their most time-sensitive shipments. This is an important market for us and we are pleased to launch another UPS Express service in the region,” said Jean-Francois Condamine, UPS President for the Indian Subcontinent, Middle East, and Africa (ISMEA) region.

In the 25 existing countries, shippers can reach more customers in many global business centers. The service is not limited to the largest cities. This expansion now makes the service available in 3,000 additional postal codes in the United Kingdom and 2,000 more postal codes in Canada.

Europe adds 19 countries with the greatest expansion of service in emerging economic centers including Romania, Turkey and Serbia. Romania is projected to be the fastest growing economy in Eastern Europe this year.

Expanding early morning delivery in Paris, London and Milan will benefit luxury goods retailers that demand quick turnarounds between their design, sampling, production and fulfillment cycles.

UPS Worldwide Express Plus is part of the broader UPS Express™ shipping portfolio, which offers the most international guaranteed time-of-day delivery options that include routine customs clearance.

The UPS Express portfolio features:
UPS Worldwide Express Plus for early-morning delivery to 56 countries
UPS Express for midday delivery to 118 countries and territories
UPS Express Saver for end-of-day delivery to 220 countries and territories

Through 2019, UPS plans to invest $2 billion in European operations to expand destinations, enhance time in transit, and increase overall capacity.

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