Xpress Money offers educational grants for children of UAE’s blue collar workers through SmartLife

Wednesday 10 August 2016

Dubai - MENA Herald: Xpress Money, one of the world’s most dependable money transfer brands, has partnered with Dubai based NGO SmartLife which is licensed by the Community Development Authority, Govt. of Dubai, to offer education support for the children of blue collar workers employed in the UAE.
The initiative is spearheaded by Xpress Money’s Corporate Social Responsibility platform H.O.P.E - which highlights the money transfer brand’s commitment to “Helping Our People and Environment.” The educational grants further strengthens H.O.P.E’s seven-year long collaboration with SmartLife to improve workers’ lives through entertainment & sports competitions. Specifically, the educational grant is in support of SmartLife’s ‘SmartSapna’programme, which is dedicated to educating the India-based children of labourers in the UAE.
“SmartSapna is a powerful name – because Sapna means “dream” in Hindi. We realise that providing their children with a good education is every parent’s dream. Through our H.O.P.E platform, in collaboration with our long-term partner SmartLife, we are now helping workers in the UAE fulfil this dream by providing their children with good education, thus setting a strong foundation for a prosperous future,” says Xpress Money’s Vice President of Global Marketing, Ashwin Gedam.
“Ensuring quality education for their children is top priority for every blue collar worker. Smartlife through its Sapna project has touched the lives of many children studying in India. We thank Xpress Money and H.O.P.E for enabling us to reach out to more beneficiaries working in the UAE and thus empowering their wards with the gift of good education,” says Vinod Mehra, President, SmartLife.
H.O.P.E’s support of the SmartSapna initiative fits within its agenda driven by 3 global themes – financial literacy and inclusion, education, and relief work. The platform also helps Xpress Money engage with its global communities through a mix of philanthropy, relief work and social causes.
In 2016, H.O.P.E marked Ramadan’s spirit of generosity by distributing over 20,000 Iftar meals to blue collar workers across UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. H.O.P.E has been active in supporting Special Needs Centers in UAE, distributing relief material for Syrian refugees in Jordan & Lebanon, creating breast cancer awareness, conducting medical camps and celebrating the contributions of workers in the UAE through a month-long “Heroes” campaign.
“Our support for the ‘SmartSapna’ education initiative is a continuation of H.O.P.E’s proud legacy of improving living standards worldwide through a range of initiatives. H.O.P.E has been very active across different communities globally, and we look forward to this powerful platform continuing its positive mission. At Xpress Money, we are committed to providing a better livelihood with the resources needed to make a genuine difference,” Gedam concludes.

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