Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry holds key discussions with the “Used Cars” Committee

Thursday 13 October 2016

Sharjah - MENA Herald: The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) has stressed its keenness to take on a leading role in promoting competitiveness within the private sector in Sharjah, and provide an attractive environment for businesses and investments in various economic sectors. This comes as SCCI reiterated that it’s putting forth all the support and facilities necessary for businesses and investors to launch their products and services in regional and global markets.
During a meeting with the Executive Committee of the Used Cars trade sector, SCCI stressed the need to consolidate efforts to strengthen the partnership between public and private sectors, for the development of the automotive trade sector in Sharjah; which is considered one of the largest and most important automotive markets in the UAE and the region.
The meeting was headed by Ibrahim Rashid Al Jarwan, Director of Economic Relations at SCCI, with the presence of the Committee’s Head Khaled Omar Mohammed Batarfi. The meeting aimed to discuss the results of a recent questionnaire on the automotive sector Sharjah
Both sides agreed to adopt a roadmap plan to begin implementation of a number of proposals and recommendations of the questionnaire; which will effectively enhance the performance of the used-car trading industry in the emirate, and raise the level of its competitiveness within the regional and global markets.
HE Khalid bin Butti Al Hajri, Director General of Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that the Chamber is keen to strengthen its role as a representative of the private sector, and to work to overcome the obstacles facing business growth and development. Al-Hajri noted that the questionnaire’s recommendations will contribute to the unification of efforts towards a more sustainable auto trade sector in Sharjah that attracts local and foreign investors.
Al Hajri pointed out that SCCI has put into action a number of concrete steps, including an initiative to coordinate the Executive Committee’s meetings with the authorities, which will have positive impact in the upcoming period. He also noted that the chamber's efforts in this regard are in line with the strategic plans of Sharjah to facilitate the work of private sector with high efficiency.
Lubna Al-Khayal Head of Research and Studies Department at SCCI explained that the survey provides accurate information on the automotive trade industry in the emirate, paving the way for enhanced communication process with the targeted parties. She noted that this will speed up the process of finding the common ground to overcome the challenges faced by the sector, and continue to meet investors' expectations.
Al-Khayal emphasized that SCCI has adopted the highest international standards in the implementation of this questionnaire, to come up with the best tangible results, noting the keenness of the Chamber to pursue this approach with various economic sectors.
The results of the questionnaire, which targeted an array of auto trade industry experts and businessmen in the emirate, singled enthusiasm among showrooms’ owners to expand their operations to the African, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and GCC markets. This has reflected the importance of the automotive trade sector in the emirate, and its leading role as an attractive environment for investments.

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