Robotics Presentation by NASA Advisor Professor Jamshidi at University of Dubai

Monday 15 February 2016
NASA Advisor Professor Mohammad Jamshidi at University of Dubai

Dubai - MENA Herald: The renowned professor at University of Texas and advisor to NASA Mohammad Jamshidi delivered at University of Dubai (UD) a powerful robotic presentation on Sunday, January 7, 2016. A diverse group of UD students and professors headed by Dr. Eesa Bastaki, UD president, attended the seminar.

Professor Jamshidi explained the System of Systems (SoS) and System of Systems Engineering (SoSE) and the challenges facing them in the 21st century. He detailed the potential of SOS in solving many problems in the future including smart cities.

Professor Jamshidi also described the fundamental problems addressed for a system of autonomous vehicles (airborne, land and undersea) and defined issues like modeling, diagnostic, big data analytic, control, testing, and evaluation. He also shared videos of robotic testing done by his team at University of texas.

Mohammad M. Jamshidi holds a Ph.D. degree in EE from the University of Illinois and Honorary doctorate degree from University of Waterloo, Canada, Currently, he is the Lutcher Brown Endowed Chaired Professor at the University of Texas, San Antonio, TX, USA. He has been an advisor to NASA (including 1st MARS Mission), USAF, USDOE and EC/EU (Brussels).

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