GOIC: Manateq, economic zones partner at the 1st GMF

Wednesday 18 November 2015
Mr. Abdulaziz Bin Hamad Al-Ageel, GOIC Secretary General

Doha - MENA Herald: The Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC) announced that the Economic Zones Company (Manateq) will be the economic zones partner at the 1st Gulf Metrology Forum and Exhibition held in collaboration with Qatar’s Ministry of Environment represented by Qatar General Organization for Standards and Metrology (QS), the GCC Standardisation Organization (GSO) and GULFMET. The 1st GMF is held under the patronage of His Excellency Engineer Ahmad Bin Amer Al-Hemaidi, Qatar’s Minister of Environment at the Hilton Hotel, Doha, Qatar on the 14th and 15th of December, 2015.

Engineer Fahad Rashid Al-Kaabi, CEO of Manateq stated: “The Economic Zones Company is in charge of managing zones and building infrastructure in line with the best international standards. Manateq is focused on building and managing world-class infrastructure to facilitate industrial and service sector growth, and to achieve one of the key pillars of Qatar National Vision 2030, "Economic Development". In order to accomplish this objective, metrology is an integral part of our activities and measurements and calibrations are necessary to various aspects of our work. In addition to that, quality, health, safety and the environment are all among Manateq’s highest priorities. We make sure our team complies with the highest international standards. Thus, our participation in the 1st GMF is to guarantee more progress in this key area.”

International industrial metrology standards are a main requirement of appropriate global trade activities. Furthermore, the development of the technological base of every country requires successfully adopting and implementing technological advancement. We live in a world where distances are becoming smaller by the day, which makes it imperative for all countries to produce high quality products that comply with international standards and to accurately measure the conformity of these products with the standards.

Manateq is the leading developer and operator of specialized economic zones, logistic parks, and warehousing parks in Qatar. Moreover, with the nation's emphasis on establishing and intensifying its foundation of non-oil related industries, the development of efficient and advanced economic zones also accelerates the promotion of a competitive and diversified economy in Qatar.

GOIC Secretary General Mr. Abdulaziz Bin Hamad Al-Ageel praised Manateq for its decision to take part in the Forum and for its constant support of events aiming at stimulating the GCC industrial sector and achieving economic prosperity. He said that Manateq is a role model in the implementation of quality standards.

The 1st GMF

The 1st GMF comes in response to the increasing metrology requirements in today’s markets, and as a result of concerted efforts between governments and technical institutions in order to accomplish common metrology objectives in Gulf and international markets.

Many international organisations and companies are expected to participate in this Forum to encourage manufacturing industries and services in the Gulf. The aim is to remove technical barriers hampering trade, hence facilitating international collaboration in the field of metrology and strengthening Gulf-international agreements in the area of commercial and economic cooperation. More than 300 concerned parties in the GCC are expected to take part in this Forum.

The 1st GMF targets government and private laboratories, relevant institutions and companies, ministries of commerce, industry and environment and industrial companies operating in the following areas: oil, gas, energy, petrochemicals, metallurgy, electricity, electronics and medical appliances, in addition to universities, scientific research institutions and international organisations specialised in metrology and calibration.

The main objectives of the Forum are to exchange ideas about the best means to raise public and industrial awareness to comply with industrial measurements, to assess the requirements of Gulf industries and institutions in the area of metrology, and to examine means of increasing national capacities in the field of industrial measurements. In addition to that, ideas will be exchanged on how to attract new metrology activities in various fields, international best practices to reinforce metrology infrastructure as part of quality development in member states, the role of national metrology institutes and laboratories, the experiences of member states in supporting metrology activities and local laboratories, means to cooperate with international laboratories, and finally on how to put together applicable recommendations to support metrology activities in the GCC. In fact, the organisation of this Forum was based on global reports of companies operating in the area of metrology services. These reports revealed a projected increase of the demand on metrology services in the near future in various sectors, particularly automotive, electronics, energy and others. The recovery of the global economy will also have impacts on the Gulf, resulting in an investment increase in various fields like energy and industry and their associated services.

As to the most important technical aspects of this Forum, they are as follows: raising awareness on the importance of metrology and its scientific, industrial and legal aspects, presenting experiences of GCC countries in this area, cooperating with international institutions to develop and support the role of metrology, communicating with concerned GCC parties in the field of metrology and getting to know the cognitive and procedural environment in GCC countries to include legal frameworks, researches and applications.

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