Emirates Diplomatic Academy launches New Ambassador Programme to boost international relations skills

Saturday 06 February 2016

Abu Dhabi - MENA Herald: Emirates Diplomatic Academy, the leading integrated foreign policy, academic and research centre in the region, has launched a new ambassador programme in close coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to boost the skills of professionals in the diplomatic field.
The programme, which will be conducted in three phases, will cover a range of skills, including political analysis, diplomatic correspondence, strategic thinking and scenario planning. New ambassadors have already taken part in the first phase of the programme. A further two sessions will take place throughout February.
The New Ambassador Programme has been designed as an experiential learning programme to equip and empower senior diplomats to be well trained and prepared for their duties out of the country. During this programme, the ambassadors will explore different topics in global affairs, diplomacy and build their cross cultural communication skills. Executive Education at EDA has lined up a group of renowned leaders to inspire the diplomats on ways to make a difference in their communities. The programme will also feature dining and social etiquette sessions keeping in mind both formal and informal settings. To enhance this experience, the diplomats will meet with the ambassadors based on the country that they are assigned on due to receive intensive cultural awareness.
“Emirati diplomatic missions abroad play a significant role in communicating the unique characteristics of the UAE to the international community. It is therefore imperative that the country’s ambassadors are equipped with the latest skills and expertise to deal with the ever changing political situations in the region and the world,” said Mariam Al Mahmoud, Director of Executive Education and spokesperson at EDA.
She added: “As a true centre of excellence for diplomatic capacity development, research and thought leadership in the UAE, EDA’s programmes and initiatives are aligned to the live requirements in the regional and international scene. The new ambassador programme reflects the commitment of the Academy to provide the students with a comprehensive view of the challenges in the diplomatic arena and the most effective solutions to overcome them.”
During the first phase of the programme, Bernardino León, Director General of Emirates Diplomatic Academy, shared with the new ambassadors his experiences in the field of international diplomacy and shed light on diplomatic duties. The participants were also offered insights on managing crisis situations as well as how they can deal with the media and prepare diplomatic reports.
In the next phase of the programme, the Academy has partnered with the Netherlands-based Clingendael Institute and The Protocol School of Washington.
As an integrated academic centre, EDA combines academic programmes and training, research and analysis to highlight the UAE’s leading role in international relations. The Academy also conducts in-depth studies on the region and the UAE to build a knowledge base in the field of international relations and diplomacy, and support the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and decision-makers in the UAE.

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