Monday 01 February 2016

Cairo - MENA Herald: Following a meeting of the Special Security Committee, the Egyptian Government provided an update concerning airport security.
Egyptian Minister of Civil Aviation Mohamed Hossam Kamal said:
“The Egyptian Government is totally committed to ensuring that our country is safe and secure for our citizens and the millions of tourists who visit our country.
This is why we have implemented a series of measures to both review and enhance our security at our airports and across the country by providing additional investment to purchase new equipment, new and enhanced training, and strengthening co-ordination of our security approach.
Egypt has been working in close cooperation with the security delegations from a number of countries. We would like to thank these countries and their security delegations for all the great progress that has been achieved. These sustainable changes in our security approach will be continued through the international security company Control Risks in their work with the Egyptian Government.
However, we will not stop there.
In light of continued threats around the world, Egypt, like so many other countries, will continue to enhance our security activities.
We are committed to making sure that people from around the world have a safe, secure and enjoyable experience when visiting and travelling in Egypt.”

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