Dubai Exports gears for major role as non-oil economy takes centrestage

Monday 15 February 2016
Engineer Saed Al Awadi, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Exports

Dubai - MENA Herald: Dubai Exports, the export development agency of the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai, is set to connect exporters in the UAE to new and strategic markets across Europe, Asia and Africa in 2016 after its target sectors and overseas offices across six countries brought remarkable outcomes in 2015.

With local exporters and manufacturers venturing successfully into markets overseas with an improved range of products and competitive re-export hubs in sharper focus, Dubai Exports witnessed greater demand for its exporter services in 2015. The agency led almost 200 exporters and manufacturers in trade exhibitions and fairs conducted across South America, Africa, Asia and CIS in 2015, promoting products and services from 12 key sectors, mostly manufacturing and services.

Commented Engineer Saed Al Awadi, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Exports: “After sustained campaigns to identify and penetrate promising markets and consolidating export capabilities locally, Dubai Exports finds itself at a crossroads now, as the UAE leadership is focusing on a landmark post-oil strategy. Economic diversification and connecting global trade through Dubai assumes greater significance and Dubai Exports will be a major player in the emerging picture.”

Al Awadi said Dubai Exports was also instrumental in enhancing the emirate’s export environment in 2015 as a number of policies were drafted to upgrade the manufacturing sector and boost foreign trade under the umbrella of the Executive Council of Dubai.

“Dubai Exports collaborated with various entities in the UAE in 2015 to highlight strategic initiatives in 2015 and a noteworthy effort was our focus on the halal sector and partnership with the Dubai Islamic Economy Development Centre (DIEDC). Expanding our global market coverage through further diversified exports, overseas offices and networking programmes to contribute to the Dubai Plan 2021 and country’s strategy to diversify non-oil sectors will be our top priorities in 2016,” added Al Awadi.

Construction material, food & beverage, cables, metal structures, packaging, plastics and textiles were the focus sectors for Dubai Exports in 2015 as the agency sought to connect local exporters to buyers in strategic hubs and emerging markets across various forums overseas. Exporters from various sectors such as water & carbonated soft drinks, perfumes & cosmetics, multi food & consumer products, sanitation & hygiene, kitchen equipment, packaging, and general trading sought advice from Dubai Exports on potential overseas markets in 2015.
“A major focus of our campaigns in 2015 was to disseminate knowledge on the transformational initiatives in Dubai and their potential impact on trade. Together with our overseas offices, 20 events were organised in the first nine months of 2015, chiefly targeted at the food & beverages, building materials, plastics and cables industries,” said Mohammed Ali Al Kamali, Deputy CEO of Dubai Exports.

“Our annual plan for 2016 covers the focal points of our strategy in terms of markets, knowledge sharing and optimal use of our resources. We will be present in 10 exhibitions dedicated mainly for the construction and food sectors. South-eastern Europe, particularly Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Serbia, as well as Vietnam and Cambodia in Asia and Rwanda and Nigeria in Africa will be high on our agenda this year,” added Kamali.

Uzbuild, the largest construction and interior exhibition in Uzbekistan held from 2-4 March; Sial China (5-7 May), the largest food and beverage exhibition in Asia; Food Africa in Cairo (4-7 May); Project Qatar (9-12 May); World Food Moscow (12-15 September); Sial Paris (16-20 October), known as the world’s largest food innovation exhibition, and BakuBuild (16-20 October) in Azerbaijan are the major exhibitions on the Dubai Exports calendar for 2016.

Dubai Exports has already launched its 2016 plan with a Food & Grocery Forum in India in January bringing together leading manufacturers and retailers of fast-moving consumer food products, and the Project Egypt exhibition in Cairo. Trade missions to various target markets such as Vietnam, Rwanda, Nigeria, China and Hong Kong in addition to Indonesia, Philippines, Russia, Brazil and Paraguay are part of the 2016 plan along with various networking programmes organised locally by the offices overseas.

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