Building the Future: Dubai Future Accelerators Hosts Educational Community Programs

Tuesday 18 October 2016
Maha Khamis Al Mazeina

Dubai - MENA Herald: The Dubai Future Accelerators (DFA) program is preparing to host a number of different community events over the next few weeks in its headquarters in The Boulevard, Jumeirah Emirates Towers Offices.

The events are set to be attended by experts and specialists representing the most innovative companies in the world, dealing with fourth-industrial-revolution technologies that are most likely to affect people’s lives, such as health, education, and transportation, among others.

This comes as part of the program’s mission to spread knowledge among the general public, as the events will be open to anyone with a vested interest in the technologies of the future and the fourth industrial revolution at no charge. Attendees will be able to witness first-hand the most innovative and ambitious projects participating in the Dubai Future Accelerators program.

Moreover, representatives from the companies and government and private-sector entities participating in the Accelerators program will join the international experts in hosting the sessions, sharing their experience with the competition, talking about their future-shaping projects and solutions for the challenges facing key sectors of the UAE and global economy, and disseminating knowledge to the public about the ambitious plans being put forth in the competition that will redefine the economic sectors of today and tomorrow.

Maha Khamis Al Mazeina, Project Manager at Dubai Future Foundation, said: “The Dubai Future Accelerators program embodies the strategies set by the UAE as the country aims to lead the global charge to build the future, focusing on the strategic sectors that most affect people’s lives in the UAE and abroad.”

“These events reflect our resolve to raise the awareness of the community around the development being made, and to inspire the young generations to innovate,” Al Mazeina added. “Through these programs and events, the public can get a closer look at the innovative projects brought by Dubai Future Accelerators, which can play a key role in providing original solutions the challenges that face the various economic sectors.”

The community events will include a “Masterclass” – a series of interactive workshops lasting 60 to 90 minutes that serve as a comprehensive introduction to some of the technologies of the future and how to use them to benefit society, pointing out trends and investment opportunities in various economic sectors in both the present and the future.
These sessions will answer questions such as: How can individuals build their houses in less than a week? How will blockchain redefine international trade? What are the top 10 benefits of artificial intelligence to the global economy? And how to establish a billion-dollar enterprise in the Arab region?

Some of the fourth-industrial-revolution technologies that are set to be covered in the Masterclass include 3D Printing and blockchain – both subjects of great importance to the UAE economy seeing as the 3D printing industry is set to exceed $21 billion in value by 2020 while Dubai sets out to have 25 percent of its buildings 3D printed by 2030 (as per the Dubai 3D printing Strategy); this while total venture capital in bitcoin and blockchain startups is estimated to have already surpassed $1.1 billion in 2016.

Events are also set to include discussion panels hosted by international experts and entities participating in the Accelerators program that will explore the impact of latest trends and innovations in specific fields and industries, such as construction, education, transportation, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality, among others.

DFA teams and the general public can also witness 45-minute one-on-one interviews with successful mentors, public figures, or businessmen and businesswomen in the “In Conversation With” event, which offer an inside look at these successful public figures’ lives and what drives them to achieve their goals.

Further details will be disclosed in the run-up to the programs and events on the Dubai Future Accelerators program’s website as well as its social media channels.

The Dubai Future Accelerators is an intensive 12-week program that pairs top companies and cutting-edge entrepreneurs with powerful partners in Dubai to create breakthrough solutions together. It explores and develops the technologies of the future and employs them to resolve problems and challenges facing the cities of the 21st century.

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