AgraME to Put Increased Onus on Economics of Regions Agriculture Industry

Saturday 12 March 2016
Mr. Mohamed Bin Obaid Al-Mazrooei

Dubai - MENA Herald: AgraME, one of the Middle East’s leading exhibitions dedicated to the Agribusiness industry, is taking place from 13-15 March 2016 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, and will be running two forums over the duration of the show, one dedicated to Agribusiness and one to Poultry.

Taking place on day one (13 March), the Poultry Outlook Forum will bring together animal health experts, poultry farmers, suppliers, entrepreneurs and new business developers to discuss new scientific research and industry growth analysis over the past year. Sessions will be led by key international and regional experts and will delve in to disease, vaccination and antibiotics as well intensive sessions on the business in poultry.

Running on day two (14 March), the Agribusiness Outlook Forum will feature keynotes by regional food safety experts including Dr. Muhamed Salman AlHammadi, Director, Research & Development Division, ADFCA, UAE and Dr. Ahmed El Tigani, General Manager, Rawabi, UAE, and will look at the economics of agriculture for the MENA region.

The Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development (AAAID) are Sectorial Partner for this year’s conferences. According to AAAID, the Arab world faces a number of challenges related to agricultural investment and development projects, which present a constant need for innovative solutions.

These challenges include financial, operational and administrative factors such as salinity, use of traditional agricultural methods and a lack of infrastructure and adequate suitable climate investment.

Speaking ahead of the conference next week, AAAID recognizes the need to stay up-to-date with fast-paced technological advances of agricultural production and its related aspects to increase productivity levels and cost efficiencies. As well as offering solutions, innovation has managed to increase the production capacities and cultivation yields of AAAID’s 34 affiliated companies distributed across 12 Arab member states.

“Since its establishment in 1976, AAAID has placed focus on research activity to create links between scientific research and technological innovation and development. This has been pursued through large-scale field research to serve agricultural investment and the application of innovative farming techniques that are appropriate to local communities. Some of these technologies include lateral move irrigation, axial irrigation, magnetic water, sprinkler and dripping irrigation systems.

These have been introduced in areas where water is scarce or the soil faces drainage or salinity problems, along with surface siphon irrigation systems in areas where irrigation water is not continuously available. Other unconventional methods include Zero-tillage or ‘’Conservation Agriculture’’, precision farming, tissue culture, smart farming, bursting seeds and introduction of hybrid seeds which can be cultivated out of season and on a commercial scale,” quoted His Excellency Mr. Mohamed Bin Obaid Al-Mazrooei, President of AAAID.

Organised by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, Aqua ME, formally a section within the Agra ME exhibition, is the regions first standalone platform dedicated to the burgeoning aquaculture industry, and will take place alongside AgraME and VetME from 13-15 March 2016 at the Dubai Exhibition and Convention Centre.

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