University City Hall and Planetarium take visitors on ‘Travel Across Time’ during Sharjah Light Festival 2016

Thursday 11 February 2016

Sharjah - MENA Herald: University City Hall and Sharjah Sharjah Center for Astronomy and Space Sciences- Planetarium are hosting some of the most remarkable shows based on the ‘Travel Across Time’ theme during Sharjah Light Festival, now in its sixth year. The two locations are among the 10 new shows of the festival this year, which features a total of 23 unique displays of light and music across the emirate, attracting families and visitors from all over the region.

University City Hall is hosting ‘In the Light of Science’ show, a video mapping projection by OCUBO. During each show lasting 10 minutes, the intricate details of the University City Hall’s architecture gets wrapped in multi-layered video mapping, charting its history from the Golden Age of Arabic Science. The show is a tribute to the Arab world’s era of scientific achievement, a journey through time with knowledge as the engine, travelling across the landscapes of algebra, trigonometry, optics, astronomy and the several other scientific advances and inventions. As the show progresses, viewers are able to relate to its every aspect instinctively as it narrates the story using the universal language of the art of geometry in Islamic Design.

The stunning University City Hall building also provides the perfect backdrop for another show, which is taken straight from the pages of the Jules Verne novel. This show uses amazing imagery to highlight the French author’s vision of travel and innovation.

The Sharjah Sharjah Center for Astronomy and Space Sciences- Planetarium features the Celestial Wonderment show, highlighting the orbits of the planets and creating a unique light sky. The show also inspires a sense of adventure and creativity among the viewers each evening.

Al Qasba, the premier tourism and entertainment landmark in Sharjah, is hosting two shows on its internal façades this year. The Al Qasba restaurant promenade provides the canvas for the show, ‘Hemera’s Story of Light’, which describes the story of the birth of light as visualised in Greek mythology with Hermera as the personification of light. The show displays amazing three dimensional digital images using the latest video and animation techniques.

A second show, ‘Exploring the Senses’, takes visitors on a journey through the five senses of vision, smell, taste, touch and hearing in an imaginative and fun way. Situated along the one kilometer long manmade canal with choice restaurants and entertainment areas for children, Al Qasba offers a great place to relax, have something to eat and enjoy the Sharjah Light Festival in all its splendor.

Majaz Waterfront features the Infinity Light Tunnel, a beautiful tunnel of light that captivates children and adults alike. Surrounded by light on all sides, visitors experience a fantasy world as they enter this remarkable light installation.

Organized by Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority, the Sharjah Light Festival is being from February February 4 to 13, and features dazzling shows from 6pm to 11 pm on weekdays and until midnight on weekends.

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