Master Perfumer Roja Dove reveals his new GPB 75,000 perfume bottle in Dubai named “GREAT Britain”

Thursday 28 January 2016

Dubai - MENA Herald: British Master Perfumer Roja Dove today ( 28 January) unveiled a special edition perfume bottle named “GREAT Britain” at the Perfume Avenue in City Centre Mirdif, one of the main attractions of the Perfume Theme of Dubai Shopping Festival 2016.

The creation of Roja Dove’s new GPB 75,000 Perfume bottle was inspired by the scents of Great Britain and ordered by 10 Downing Street in London.

Perfume Avenue located in the mall’s Central Galleria, features special activations including an exclusive exhibition of Roja Dove perfumes featuring perfume brands that have engaged the senses of people over the years. Roja Dove added to the excitement of the final stages of DSF by interacting with perfumers and shoppers and share his experiences and insights with the public.

DSF 2016 has further enhanced the shopping experience for visitors from around the world, with a number of Perfume-themed activations bringing international celebrities and influencers closer to their fans in Dubai during the festival’s final stretch. Running under the tagline ‘Unwrap The Art of Fragrance’, the array of Perfume-themed events draw attention to Dubai’s thriving perfume business, which offers a vast selection of top perfume brands and fragrances to shoppers.

DSF shoppers have a few more days left to pick up great bargains and participate in the exciting Perfume themed activations, DSF 2016, which commenced on 1 January will end on 1 February, bringing to a close 32 days of citywide celebrations.

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