Market OTB at Burj Park: A unique DSF shopping experience within a great family ambience

Sunday 24 January 2016

Dubai - MENA Herald: Market Outside The Box, taking place in Burj Park, has started off on the right note this DSF by attracting thousands of visitors in just a few days, with Friday and Saturday bringing a large number of families to the region’s one-of-a-kind lifestyle marketplace. The venue for the Market OTB is captivating visitors as it is flanked by beautiful landmarks, the rich boulevard, the mighty Burj Khalifa and the enchanting Dubai Fountains.

This wholesome market has a wide range of fantastic fashion retailers who have developed their brands in the region, while there are lots of home-grown entertainers and F&B vendors set up in the market. Fashion stalls with fabulous clothes for men, women, and children, accessories for men, and women, as well as home appliances are all available at the Market OTB.

DFRE has partnered with Emaar to bring Market OTB to a central location, Burj Park, for the benefit of both residents and tourists. This year will feature lots of new initiatives that promote grassroots talent and home-grown businesses in the region all sponsored by GMC, Red Bull Music Academy and Rainbow.

Mohamed Al Bahy, an Egyptian working in Dubai in the banking sector, visited the Market OTB with his wife Olga and his daughters Salma and Jasmine. He said: “I came to Burj Park specifically to check out Market OTB which I have read and heard about a lot lately. I really liked it. It’s a beautiful and innovative idea, much like other DSF events.”

“The second we stepped into the market, my children went on a hunt for the play area. It is a simple and free of charge area and what’s great about it is that you can leave your kids safely in the hands of the supervisors at the location. These activations are always beautiful and impressive and they just go to show that whoever lives in Dubai will continue to be amazed with surprises every single day.”

In front of the drawing corner, French national Cristof Korsi, a manager at Telecom, looks over his 3 year old daughter Stella as she draws a beautiful picture and paints it with bright oil colors. He says “I came to check out Market OTB with my wife Olivia and my daughters Stella and Rumi. I really love this market – it has something for everyone; adults and children alike. I’m also enjoying the beautiful music playing from the stage. The location is ideal and a good choice on the organizers’ part. The pleasant weather these days is the cherry on top. I’m happy to be here.”

“I’ve lived in Dubai for 10 years now and I enjoy the events that the emirate offers year round. They are always innovative and exceptional. What I like the most about Market OTB is that it supports small start ups and entrepreneurs, giving them an opportunity to showcase their products and enjoy success.”

Kids’ Play Area
Mohamed Ayman, a Supervisor at Market OTB, said: “We have witnessed a huge interest in the play area, especially over the weekend. We’ve registered over 600 children under 5 years old and we’re only just starting!”

Claire Peter, a Syrian living in Dubai, said: “I live near the market. I passed by to check it out for 10 minutes or so but ended up staying here for 2 hours now! I brought my children Omar and Aya who insisted on entering the play area. They had a lot of fun playing and getting their faces painted. They’re enjoying it so much, actually, that they are refusing to go back home now. Honestly, I’m enjoying it as well and want to stay for longer. It’s a really great venue and everything about it is enjoyable. The products at the stalls are unique and unlike the others offered in souqs and shopping malls. The food options are also exceptional.”

Sherif Mostafa, an Egyptian engineer living in Dubai, took his wife Sarah and their daughter Alia to Market OTB, and commented: “This idea is creative and unprecedented. The picturesque scenery and perfect weather add another great dimension to the whole market. My wife and I are enjoying the various activities here and my daughter is having a lot of fun at the play area.”

Drawing, Music, and Food
Yasmina Abu Ghazaleh, a 10-year old Palestinian, who is enjoying the drawing area, said: “I came to the market to enjoy the fun activities. I like this corner because they gave me an apron to wear to keep my clothes clean and because I am going to keep my drawing at the end. I came here with my mom. She went shopping and I stayed here to play. I am also going to meet my friend here to have even more fun.”

Her friend, Jana Attaya, also from Palestine and 10 years old, said: “I just arrived at the market with my mom and my younger sisters. I really like the place because there’s a lot to do. I am going to have fun playing with my best friend, Yasmina.”

Sanad Al Naasan, an 11 year-old Jordanian living in Dubai, said: “I came to the market with my mom and dad and my younger brother, who went straight to the play area with my mom while my dad and I had some Mexican food from one of the food trucks. After that, I went to the stage area and enjoyed the different music performances.”

Market OTB will be open until 30th January, 2016, from 4pm to 10pm on weekdays, and from 10am to 10pm on weekends at Burj Park.

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