Main Dubai fish market under inspection

Tuesday 12 April 2016

Dubai - MENA Herald: The UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, accompanied by representatives from the Dubai Municipality, recently conducted an inspection of Dubai’s fish market to assess the site’s compliance with the ministerial legislation that prohibits the sale of particular fish species during specific periods in the year.
H.E. Dr. Thani Al-Zeyoudi, UAE Minister of Climate Change and Environment, headed the inspection accompanied by H.E. Eng. Hussein Lootah, Director General of the Dubai Municipality and H.E. Engineer Saif Mohammed Al-Shara, Assistant Undersecretary for External Audit sector along with a team from both sides.
H.E. Dr. Al-Zeyoudi emphasized on the importance of protecting and developing the fisheries across the UAE and treat it as a national treasure, by committing to the ministerial legislations that have been established to protect and develop the natural stored fishes in the local water. The Ministry has issued multiple laws to prevent sale and harvest of particular species of fish such as the Ministerial Decrees 501 and 174 for the protection of rabbitfish (Safi), the emperor fish (Sheiri) and Gerreidae fishes, which are considered significant local fishes. The decrease of the stock of these species prompted the Ministry to issue such laws.
“The commitment to these Ministerial laws protects not only the fisheries but also the fishing profession which is highly valued in the country. It will also help the fishes rebuild the natural stock during the breeding season, thereby ensuring that it continues to be sustainable economic resource for the next generations,” H.E. Dr. Al-Zeyoudi confirmed.
Dubai Municipality reaffirmed their active role in the protection and development of the fish stock in recognition of its role as a fundamental pillar for food safety. Thus, the Municipality has established a time-table for the inspection of the fish market, malls, supermarkets, and export firms to ensure their compliance with ministerial decrees. In addition, they have also issued a guidebook and released awareness bulletins for fishermen and fish sellers in four languages, including the instructions for the Ministerial Decree (501) – 2015 to supervise automobile transport and export of fish to neighboring countries.

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