DSF sets a record with Biggest Perfume Sampling

Wednesday 27 January 2016

Dubai - MENA Herald: The 21st edition of Dubai Shopping Festival entered its final stretch on 26 January in record fashion with the Biggest Perfume Sampling on Dubai Fragrance Day, one of the main attractions in the line-up of Perfume themed events of DSF 2016.

The record achievement saw 1 million dirhams worth of perfume samples being handed out to visitors across all Majid Al Futtaim Malls and Dubai International Airport Terminals 1 & 3. The sampling of perfumes were provided by Paris Gallery, Ajmal and Dubai Duty Free.

At this unique activation, shoppers taking advantage of the final week of the amazing deals available during DSF 2016 were able to enjoy a whole range of scents across six destinations in Dubai – including Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Mirdif, City Centre Deira and City Centre Me’aisem, and the Arrivals area at Terminal 1 and 3 of Dubai International Airport.

Mall of the Emirates was alive and buzzing when the activation kicked off at 5pm, with shoppers being enticed by the free samples of the finest and most expensive international perfume brands. Hundreds of elegantly wrapped samples were lined up on two fancy carts, with beautiful models inviting shoppers from all nationalities to try the samples, creating a happy and welcoming atmosphere for shoppers.

Passengers entering the arrivals section at Terminal 1 & 3 of Dubai International Airport were pleasantly surprised to receive samples of perfumes, with some of them being unable to wait to open the sachets to investigate what fragrance they were gifted. It was an aromatic moment every time a curious passenger decided to stop and open the samples, as the perfume vapours lingered on even after they left.

The activation at Terminal 1 began at 9 pm and lasted for three hours with over 8,820 sample sachets to give out to passengers and within the first 45 minutes of the activation alone, 2,430 sachets were taken by eager passengers.

Friends Hala Hamdy, Israa Qatari and Donia Gamea were visiting Dubai as part of their annual trip from Egypt for the Dubai Shopping Festival. Hala, a director of a private company in Egypt, said: “Our trip to Dubai is always amazing and look forward to it each year. Everything about Dubai, from the great weather to the sophisticated activations, is fantastic and we especially enjoy the gorgeous views that the Emirate has. Of course, the shopping promotions are a big draw for us as they cannot be found anywhere else in the world.”

“Giveaways are part and parcel of DSF, like the perfume sample I just got. There is no competition with Dubai when it comes to promotional stunts and pleasing shoppers. This city is at its best during DSF” said Israa.
Israa added: “Dubai offers a different experience at its shopping malls, making it unlike any others. I am very happy with the perfume sample especially because perfumes were at the top of my shopping list during this edition of DSF.”

Dina, said: “The promotions in Dubai are hard to resist. I am never able to stick to my budget. I spent around 5000 dirhams on one day of shopping and I still feel like I haven’t even shopped yet.”

Arzana, Alicia, Soliman, Dina, Cochitram all come from different backgrounds but live in Finland and are on holiday in Dubai to enjoy the weather and the world renowned Dubai Shopping Festival.

Arzana, Vietnamese, said “This is my second trip to Dubai. My first one was on a stopover last year where I fell in love with the city and it’s now one of my favorites. There is no better time to visit Dubai than during DSF. My friends and I are thrilled with the perfume giveaways.”

Alicia said: “I didn’t imagine DSF would be this huge. I wish I could extend my stay here so I can check out even more malls and entertainment shows that are everywhere in Dubai. I’m looking forward to checking out Dubai Garden Glow which I read about online.”

Dina said: “I’m happy with the perfume sample I got from the perfume cart at Mall of the Emirates. I wasn’t really planning on shopping during this visit but I changed my mind when I came here.”

Laura, from Uzbekistan, and Ana, from Ukraine, were at Mall of the Emirates specifically for the launch of the perfume theme. Both of them work as models but are in Mall of the Emirates for the Dubai Fragrance Day. Laura said: “Ana and I keep up with the agenda of DSF events. We have attended almost every single one so far from all the different themes and we have landed some really good deals.”

Ana said: “I came to Mall of the Emirates to buy perfume to last me all year! I knew that the promotions on perfume will be out of this world and now I’m even more pleased with the fact that I got some for free!”

The Dubai Shopping Festival is into its final week of offering amazing deals with the perfume theme set to finish on the 1st February. Shoppers can continue to experience the amazing chances to shop, be entertained and enjoy opportunities to win during the final daysof DSF 2016.

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