DED initiative aims to enhance happiness among businesses through improved compliance

Tuesday 16 February 2016
Mohammed Lootah

Dubai - MENA Herald: The Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection (CCCP) sector in the Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai, has launched a novel initiative – Happiness through Commitment - to enhance happiness among business owners in the emirate through supporting them to comply with business regulations and policies.

“As Dubai aims to be the happiest place in the world to live and work, we at the Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection sector are focusing on enhancing happiness among the community of our partners and consumers. We have designed our new initiative in line with the emphasis given to people’s happiness in the Dubai Plan 2021,” commented Mohammed Ali Rashed Lootah, Executive Director of CCCP.

“We are inviting business owners in Dubai to make use of our expertise and knowledge in ensuring compliance, avoid violations and fines, and enjoy optimum ease of doing business, as Dubai promises to investors. It’s a unique initiative which will lead to greater happiness and satisfaction among business owners and strengthen our association with them,” added Lootah.

The initiative is two-pronged, in which the first would target new businesses not older than three months. Field inspectors from CCCP will visit such outlets, verify their compliance with business regulations and requirements, and then issue a report stating the level of compliance and steps to be taken to bridge gaps. No fines will be issued for violations found during such visits.

The second part of the initiative targets all businesses operating in Dubai seeking to get their compliance levels checked by CCCP. Representatives of such businesses can go to DED and formally request a visit by an inspector from CCCP. Following the visit, the inspector will issue a report, without imposing any fines for violations.

“Our goal is to assist license owners in applying the standards of doing business and make the business fully compliant without the burden of violations or fines. The initiative will also help increase awareness on business regulations and create an atmosphere of greater trust and confidence among license holders, which in turn will lead to happier business communities,” said Abdul Aziz Al Tannak, Director of the Commercial Control division in CCCP.

Businesses voluntarily seeking inspector visits can go to DED offices in Business Village, Al Twar Centre, The Dubai Mall or Dragon Mart to book an appointment.

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