CITY WALK Brings Renowned American Sculptor Anthony Howe’s ‘Octo 3’ to Dubai

Wednesday 11 November 2015

Dubai - MENA Herald: CITY WALK, the dynamic destination by Meraas, has installed a futuristic kinetic sculpture, Octo 3 within its premises. Designed by renowned American sculptor Anthony Howe, the artistic installation is open to visitors and located in front of Paul and Argo Tea Café at CITY WALK.

Envisioned as one of the largest stainless steel kinetic sculptures in existence, Octo 3 was conceptualised on a computer using 3D imagery and animation and created with traditional metal works. Furthermore, parts of Octo 3 were crafted on customised machines, built especially for the project that was assembled entirely by hand. The interior consists of a combination of gear, motor and air-driven wire frameworks, stretched with fiberglass. Blending with Dubai’s fast changing environment and projecting a classy modern feel, Howe’s Octo 3 adds a hypnotic, futuristic element of interactivity to the city.

Sculptor Anthony Howe has been creating kinetic figures for more than 17 years. Observing that static structures are frequently repeated in his visual world, Howe was inspired to craft such kinetic works of art. Howe’s body of work is primarily made of stainless steel frames that combine hammered curved shapes or flat fiberglass covered discs. His sculptures respond to the natural elements of wind and light and evoke a visually satisfying three-dimensional symmetry.

Commenting on the Octo 3 sculpture, Anthony Howe said: “I am thrilled to have one of my pieces installed in Dubai at a location as distinct as CITY WALK - that is at once dynamic and sophisticated. I hope the pieces assume a spare, linear elegance when conditions are still, gaining wild vigour in motion when the wind picks up.

“The piece uses multiple axis and finely balanced forms, both symmetrical and asymmetrical  that conspire to create a visually satisfying three-dimensional harmony. I believe that Octo 3 will enrich the city’s dynamic landscape, while becoming a landmark at the outdoor destination for residents and tourists to enjoy.”

Located in the central district of Al Satwa, between the city’s original luxury residential communities and Dubai’s latest plush developments, CITY WALK houses over 50 refined retail and culinary options across the asset, with a fine blend of global brands and original home-grown and regional concepts.

CITY WALK’s relaxed outdoor ambience, friendly cafes, and inviting al fresco dining set against a backdrop of scenic views of the Dubai skyline make it an ideal destination for meetings and get-togethers. CITY WALK is a chic destination, which will evolve to become a city within a city.

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