The 2nd Edition of ArtBahrain to Launch in October 2016

Thursday 28 January 2016

Manama - MENA Herald: The second edition of ArtBahrain is set to open its doors again in October 2016, it was announced during a Press Conference today. Having witnessed remarkable success in its inaugural 2015 version, the international art fair has already secured the support of regional and international artists and galleries as well as key sponsors and plans to showcase even more creative talent from across the Middle East and North Africa.

The 2015 edition of ArtBahrain hosted nearly 50 participants from 17 countries across the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the Far East and Asia and witnessed a footfall of nearly 15,000 visitors over 4 days, with total sales topping BD170,000. The event featured the works of acclaimed Arab and international artists and galleries, and introduced diverse art aptitudes from classic acrylic to sculpture, digital photography and new age installation.

“Our aim is to increase participation by 10-15% this year and reach out to even more artists and art institutions both regionally and across the globe”, commented ArtBahrain Co-founder Kaneka Subberwal. “Based on the positive response we have received so far, we are confident we can achieve this target. The MENA region is fast emerging as a major player in the arts and boasts tremendous creative talent; the flourishing arts scene in this part of the world holds great potential to drive investment and fuel industry growth, making it a viable economic contributor. Events such as ArtBahrain provide a vehicle to drive this development and encourage the next generation of Arab artists.”

ArtBahrain is a culmination of artists, galleries, collectors and art lovers from the region and around the world and serves as a strong platform to showcase the very best in Arab and global talent. This prominent exhibition provides an ideal setting for the regional and global art communities to engage, synergize and stimulate creativity, promoting the region’s emerging talent and artistic vivacity as a whole.

“The Arab region has a refined level of appreciation and talent for art which makes it an attractive location for an international fair of this nature. Events like ArtBahrain are a celebration of the region’s creative spirits and provide the art communities with a stimulant for the exchange of ideas, and a venue to converge, share space and inspiration”, further explained Ms. Subberwal who is also the Founder and Managing Director of Art Select, an art advisory that is curating the fair.

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