Sky News Arabia to Host Impactful Workshop on Role of International Media Organizations in Supporting Local Media at Emirati Media Forum 2015

Saturday 31 October 2015

Abu Dhabi - MENA Herald: Sky News Arabia is set to host an impactful workshop on the ‘Role of International Media Organizations in Supporting Local Media’ at the third Emirati Media Forum that is being organised by Dubai Press Club.

Held on November 4 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, the forum is anticipated to draw the participation of eminent Arab and international media organizations working out of the UAE.

As moderator of the discussion, Mahra Al Yaqoubi, Manager of Sky News Arabia’s SNAP Training Program, will share key insights on the network’s experience as an international media organization that has since launch worked to train and empower young Arab media personnel with relevant skills and knowledge. Underlining ways to hone the skills of media and journalism graduates looking to establish a media career, the workshop will highlight their experiences of the SNAP program.  

In addition, Sky News Arabia will host a ‘Visiting Anchor’ contest in a make-shift studio to provide university students with an opportunity to present mock news bulletins similar to real-time newscasts. The top three participants will win a chance to join Sky News Arabia’s training program, enabling them to further develop their skills across diverse media specialties.  

Commenting on the training program, Mahra Al Yaqoubi said: “Our participation at the upcoming edition of the Emirati Media Forum is driven by our commitment to developing the skills and proficiencies of young Emirati and Arab media professionals. Since the launch of Sky News Arabia, we have focused on shaping a responsible and mature media landscape in the Arab world. As a leading international media organization with deep-seated regional roots, we believe this is our way of giving back to the community.

“The SNAP Training Program has successfully graduated more than 60 qualified Emirati professionals who are currently employed with prominent media organizations in the UAE and wider region.”

In its third edition, the Emirati Media Forum will highlight local media issues and the role of the English-speaking media outlets in covering current affairs. The event will also examine how UAE-based media networks report from ground zero in Yemen. In addition, the forum will screen acclaimed and amateur documentaries by Emirati film-makers.

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