Omnes Media Launches Largest Data Platform for Influencers and Creators in the Arab World

Thursday 21 March 2019
Dubai - MENA Herald: is launching its direct digital marketing services in collaboration with influencers in the Arab world on Monday, March 25 at the Ritz-Carlton, Dubai International Financial Center. It is also the largest database for creative freelancers and employment in the digital media and marketing sector.

Nasser Al Sarami, CEO of Basma Media, owner of Omnes Media extended an open invitation to influencers and creators to attend a dinner celebrating the launch of influencer marketing techniques. The platform will offer great opportunities free of charge to influencers in different marketing sectors according to their specialization and impact. These opportunities will enable them to work with local, regional and international brands. It will also provide corresponding brands with a unique opportunity to connect with influencers based on their geographical distribution and the nature of interests of both parties. Thus, achieving effective digital marketing and delivering any kind of marketing message to a wider segment of Arab audience.

Al Sarami said that the influencers’ data base available on Omnes Media platform contains about 8,000 influencer with a target of more than 20,000 influencer by the end of this year.

In addition, Omnes platform will regulate the rules necessary for transactions between brands and influencers. This is done by providing access to influencers and applying for their services in marketing various businesses from fashion and cosmetics to media, health and beauty and other areas of life.

The Omnes platform is designed to provide an automated space that allows marketers to search for relevant influencers, then create and implement effective advertising campaigns. The platform plans to provide advertisers with the tools to effectively analyze their efforts and expenses all in one place. This is done through the available large database of biggest influencers in the region which have a reach of nearly 700 million.

The platform will also launch fixed recruitment services, freelancing and search for candidates in specialized media. Omnes will be an integrated media platform offering a modern digital service system that meets all the requirements of media and digital marketing. Omnes Media's data includes about 5,000 multi-skilled freelancers and aims to provide 25,000 candidates with creative qualifications in the fields of marketing and digital media.

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