National Geographic Abu Dhabi Dedicates Substantial airtime to Egypt in February

Saturday 30 January 2016

Abu Dhabi - MENA Herald: The month of February 2016 will see National Geographic Abu Dhabi dedicating a sizable share of its airtime to subjects focusing primarily on Egypt. New seasons of the audience favorites will be retained, while new reality entertainment shows, living up to the different tastes of viewers, will air for the first time.
Starting Tuesday, February 2, 2016 (22:00 hrs UAE time), National Geographic Abu Dhabi will be airing shows over a four hour period, recounting stories of Ancient Egypt, its hidden secrets, the most important discoveries of that era, and ancient handicrafts. Among the most remarkable of these shows is the one-hour "Ultimate Tutankhamun." World renowned archeologists will apply 21st-century research methods to unearth ancient history and conduct a criminal investigation to uncover the real reason behind the death of Tutankhamun.
"Saving Egypt’s oldest pyramids” is another equally noteworthy show to be aired for the first time starting February 9, 2016 (22:00 hrs UAE time). The show will shed light on the Saqqara Pyramid or Step Pyramid, which has been, throughout the years, the subject of plunder, earthquakes, and erosion, dooming the pyramid to a destiny of destruction. Will experts fight the battle, save the pyramid, and preserve its legacy?
Suspense on National Geographic Abu Dhabi is hard to tame. The premiere of the one-hour "The Egyptian Job” show on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 (22:00 hrs UAE time) will keep suspense and thrill at their zenith as the show explores the criminal acts committed in Ancient Egypt. A team of high-level experts will set out to solve a 3700-year-old mystery. The show will neither touch on the life of kings nor will it recount stories of ancient gods. It will rather investigate the life of common men who wanted to amass fortunes without effort. At the time, communities were small and rumors were spread rather quickly. Experts will attempt to solve the mystery of how armed robberies were conducted during that era with little fuss made, and most importantly, how robbers were able to commit such crimes and spend the money with impunity?
To get the whole picture of Egypt, National Geographic Abu Dhabi will air on February 2, 2016 a one-hour show titled "Time Scanners- Egyptian Pyramids", during which optical scanning experts will use state-of-the-art 3D technology to put the architectural wonders that were built throughout the years under the microscope in addition to discovering the secrets of the remarkable architectural designs and the construction works of the most prominent structures in the world. The team will head to Egypt to uncover how the simple, limestone-cased pyramids became one of the most fascinating structures of the ancient world.
On another hand, the channel presents “Beast Man” for 60 minutes at 20:00 hours UAE time starting from the second of February. This program revolves around the famous young wildlife scientist Pat Spain scouting the bizarre, such as the swamp monsters in Congo, sea serpents on Vancouver Island, Mongolian death worms and many more. Spain brings the latest technology to the field and enthusiastically immerses himself among the people and cultures to distinguish fact from fiction.

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