Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City and Dubai Production City spurs industry collaboration with launch of ‘360 Network’ series of events in Dubai

Wednesday 12 October 2016

Dubai - MENA Herald: Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City, and Dubai Production City, part of TECOM Group, has announced the launch of ‘360 Network’, to bring together professionals from across the media industry to encourage creative collaboration between the members of the media community. This networking event, to be hosted 6 times during the year, plays a vital role in empowering the media industry in the UAE. “360 Network” provides media professionals with the opportunity to market themselves, grow their network, gain knowledge on industry trends, and empower their businesses through networking with potential customers or suppliers. By 2020, the MENA media industry is expected to grow to over $13.63 billion and Dubai is well placed to continue driving this growth.
“Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City, and Dubai Production City have today become a regional hub for creative professionals. As the media industry evolves, and digitizes, it is imperative that we are enabling opportunities for the future of these professionals and their organisations,” said Majed Al Suwaidi, Managing Director, Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City and Dubai Production City.
“We seek to establish a partnership approach to drive the next stage of growth for Dubai’s media sector. The 360 Network events is just a start to what we envision will be a collaborative approach across Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City, and Dubai Production City, to innovate and create the future of our industry”.
Commenting on the event, Hala Khoury, Dubai Media City Business Partner said, “As an entrepreneur, being a part of a community of this size means we have access to a significant number of opportunities. Events like this, opens a lot of doors in terms of new business and collaborations, and also helps us keep pace with new trends. The insight we get on new innovations across the media sector enables us to develop best practice offerings for our clients, which ultimately results in the benefit of all.”
The event included two rounds of enthusiastic speed business networking. Attended by over 30 professionals, the inaugural 360 Network spurred discussion around challenges and opportunities in the media industry, opportunities for partnerships and ways to encourage innovation amongst professionals. Participating organisations included SMEs, Freelancers and Fortune 500 companies.

Dubai’s media industry today comprises global flagship names as well as SMEs and entrepreneurs across journalism, film, content, advertising, communication and more. The media sector across the TECOM Group today is home to 2000+ organisations including Leo Burnett, Reuters, CNN, CNBC, MBC, Al Arabiya and many more.

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