Dubai Health Authority reveals preparations for Dubai’s Expo 2020

Sunday 04 February 2018
DHA's meeting
Dubai - MENA Herald:

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) announced that its preparations to provide the highest levels of healthcare services for Dubai’s Expo 2020 are on the right track.

The authority revealed that its preparations are going as planned in line with the country’s vision and Dubai’s strategy and as per the required standards of the Expo 2020 Dubai Higher Preparatory Committee.

The authority said that it is working through a number of projects, initiatives and developmental programs to provide a unique medical treatment and prevention experience through its network of hospitals, health centers and clinics, which are equipped with the latest technology and smart systems as well as skilled medical cadres.

These medical capabilities will help provide the expo visitors with medical services before they arrive to the Dubai, during their visit and even after they leave the country – opening the door for all participants to benefit from the umbrella of high quality health insurance and medical packages, provided by the DHA.

The authority added that it has conducted a number of researches and examined the successful experiences of previous countries, which have hosted the Expo and has learned that there will be diverse participants who require a variety of different medical services. Based on this, the authority will provide a wide variety of services that are based on international standards.

These services include medical services that expo visitors can benefit from around the clock.

The authority also said that it has provided a range of investment services and facilities to attract more people wishing to join the private healthcare sector in Dubai as part of its objectives to make Dubai the preferred destination for healthcare investments.

The authority’s update for its preparations for Expo 2020 was revealed during a meeting where Humaid Al Qutami, Chairman of the Board and Director General of the DHA, was briefed on the latest developments and initiatives undertaken by DHA within the framework to support Expo 2020.

Al Qutami said during the meeting that the authority has all the capabilities to succeed in providing this international event with high quality medical services and investment opportunities in the field of health, which is witnessing a rapid growth in the scope of its services and investments, thanks to the unlimited support given by His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, and H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, UAE Minister of Finance and President of the DHA.

Al Qutami stressed that the hosting of Expo 2020 represents an important and exceptional achievement for the city of Dubai, which has proven itself capable time and time again by hosting international and governmental events and summits attended by world leaders, top scientists and decision makers, who found that Dubai provides an ideal platform to showcase their experiences, to conduct dialogues and discussions and to develop insights into the evolution of the world.

Al Qutami said that the DHA is aware of the great responsibility that comes with hosting such an international event. For this reason the DHA has placed a work frame to support the Expo 2020 and formed a higher committee, which is in charge of monitoring the ongoing work and progress in both the development of infrastructure and technology, and the projects and initiatives adopted.

Al Qutami said that the authority was keen to put in place a strategy to develop the medical sector, which is in the same time linked to the requirements of Expo200 to not only provide quality medical services for the people of Dubai but also serve the needs of Expo 2020 visitors who are seeking medical services or investment opportunities in the health sector of Dubai.

Al Qutami said at the beginning of its preparations the higher committee set up a working team to supervise and manage the authority’s core responsibilities in Expo 2020.

An operational plan was put in place for all sectors and departments concerned. The authority also studied the demand for health services in the emirate and the venue’s capacity for the event (2017-2030), as well as the planning of the technical infrastructure, construction infrastructure, the development of a plan for securing events, and another plan for emergencies and crises.

Al Qutami added that the authority has completed in the last two years, unprecedented expansions in the infrastructure, services, smart systems and technology of its hospitals and health centers to elevate its facility’s capabilities.

The authority also increased it’s the airport clinics’ preparations, while continuing to modernize and develop, through ambitious plans and programs, the capabilities of the health system in Dubai, including the private health sector.

He explained that all expansions and developments are sustainable to be able to meet the growing demand for Dubai's outstanding health services following Expo 2020 until 2030.

The authority’s framework to support Expo 2020 focuses in four main axes that include: the ‘Development of Infrastructure’, including the upgrading of airport clinics, the establishment of high-level clinics at the Expo site and perimeter, which include an emergency clinic.

The second axis, ‘Communication with Visitors and Investors’ relates to a series of projects and initiatives related to the development of the contact center with the visitors, the website of the authority, the updating of health information, the smart gateway to the Dubai Health Tourism experience, and the development and implementation of the investment strategy in the health sector.

As part of the third axis, ‘Identification of the Helical Action Programme’, the authority formed supporting committees and subgroups. This also includes the identification of the capacity and the volume of demand associated with Expo.

The fourth and last axis, the ‘Development of Technical Infrastructure’, includes a number of important projects for the Authority, including: the comprehensive electronic medical file "Salama", the Network & Analysis Backbone for Integrated Dubai Health (NABIDH), the medical fitness system "Salem", online licensing system "Sheryan" and "TIER 3" data center, which is the best in the safety and security of information in the world.

The authority has taken into consideration the linking of its developed health network, including its projects, smart applications, innovative and creative initiatives, in two main streams, the first focuses on improving the visitor’s medical journey while the second focuses on improving the medical investors journey. The authority has adopted this concept to confirm its responsibility to provide the best medical services and the best investment opportunities for the participants, both before and during the organization of the global event and even after the departure of the participating delegations, where the services of the Authority will extend to all until they reach their country.

Source : WAM (Emirates News Agency)


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