Aster DM Healthcare reveals the first Arab women winners of Tahseen programme

Thursday 28 January 2016

Dubai - MENA Herald: Aster DM Healthcare announced today three exceptional Arab women who have made history as the first participants of its Tahseen program which focuses on improving, enhancing and developing the true potential of Arab women for a greater good.
Through outstanding and visionary business project presentations, Ms. Samah Aziz – Assistant General Manager and Business Development Manager at Medcare Hospital, Dr. Hania Ishak – Hospital Administrator, Medcare Orthopedic & Spine Hospital and Ms. Marwa Mashaal – Assistant Chief Nursing Officer, Medcare Clinics were named as Tahseen’s successful programme participants. They will receive additional mentoring, training and acceleration in their career within the Aster DM Healthcare Group. The programme will shape successful participants into future leaders of the healthcare industry.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), women comprise over 75% of the workforce within the health sector in many countries1. This makes them almost indispensable as contributors to the delivery of health care services. However, a closer look at the women’s roles shows that they tend to mostly have lower-rank occupations and are a minority amongst more highly trained professionals. Most women also tend to be in nursing and midwifery roles and other caring cadres rather than executive or higher management roles. Furthermore, the WHO also noted that the under-representation of women in managerial and decision making positions may lead to less attention and the health care needs specific to women.
Therefore the Tahseen programme aims to empower Arab women in the workforce to develop their full potential, and also to heed the call of the UAE leadership.
“We congratulate Samah, Dr. Hania and Marwa for stepping up and showing the rest of their colleagues in the industry that women can take higher leadership roles. The commitment shown by all three made them the first successful entrants to our Tahseen programme and they will continue to receive career enhancing training during the year. They will pave the way for other Arab women in the healthcare industry to strive on and become successful decision makers and leaders,” said Alisha Moopen, Executive Director and Group CEO of Hospitals and Clinics.
In its inaugural year, Tasheen, launched in 2015, has so far supported and accelerated the career growth of three Arab women who have been fast-tracked for leadership roles. This comes as part of the programs purpose to further empower and develop Arab Women by providing in-depth business exposure, leadership training and the opportunity for them to work with and learn from top associates within the organisation.
“Women have natural leadership skills – we see that from our own families. At Aster DM Healthcare, we took it upon ourselves to make sure that women working in the healthcare sector get the training, know-how and abilities to become future leaders and steer the business into an authentic caring enterprise. We hope that through Tahseen, we will be able to realise this goal,” concluded Dr. Azad Moopen, Chairman and Managing Director of Aster DM Healthcare.
Tasheen is providing a catalyst for selected Arab women to seek out challenging and rewarding leadership roles that offer fulfilment, economic empowerment and actively contribute towards the industry as well as the nation’s future success. Overall, Tasheen will assist in bequeathing a legacy for strong and healthy future for upcoming generations of aspiring leaders.

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