Dulsco partners with Dubai Municipality approved ‘LAMPS4U’ to recycle CFL bulbs

Monday 21 November 2016
Bassam Al Samman

Dubai - MENA Herald: Regional leader in human resources and waste management - Dulsco, is offering to collect energy-efficient lightbulbs across UAE which has potential environmental risks associated if improperly disposed. Dulsco has partnered with Dubai based ‘LAMPS4U’ - a sustainable solutions and technologies company in order to process the recycling of CFL bulbs in an eco-friendly manner. The partnership comes in wake of Dulsco’s endeavours to support Dubai’s green initiative campaign. ‘LAMPS4U FZCO’ is a Dubai Municipality approved lamp disposal company which has developed a cradle to cradle lamp disposal service across the GCC.
It remains a fact that energy efficient lamps, such as CFLs and light-emitting diodes (LEDs), contain small amounts of mercury. In order to prevent mercury from arriving into the food chain, a zero-landfill recycling initiative will enable every component of the used lamp to be recycled. In the process of making Dubai a smart and sustainable city, many initiatives have been undertaken by Dubai Municipality to encourage residents and businesses to undertake eco-friendly habits which also includes recycling of CFL bulbs.
“We have been deploying a well thought through and customized strategy to recycle CFL bulbs across the emirate. This definitely will be a great success story for us and we will bring in our years of experience to this initiative and efficiently address the recycling needs. Dulsco will provide essential services for disposal options for residential, commercial and industrial customers who would want to dispose their used bulbs. We are committed to developing such recycling initiatives and services in order to help people protect our environment,” said S. Madhumohan, Director Waste Management, Dulsco.
CFLs are disposed in landfills along with regular household waste in the recent times. Since 2014, the sales of incandescent light bulbs were banned, post directions by the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA). Halogen bulbs, LEDs (light-emitting diodes) and CFLs are among the efficient technologies that will be allowed instead of traditional filament lights. Lack of information is the prime cause of CFLs being disposed in landfills apart from meagre adoption in collection schemes by shopping malls, retailers and other public premises.

The services offered by Dulsco involved in the bulb recycling service include collection, transportation of used unbroken lamps, bulbs, tube lights and CFL’s. Dulsco will be recycling used unbroken bulbs, provide environmentally safe storage containers, and supply bulb crushers.
As per Madhumohan, “The used CFL’s are collected using specially designed environmentally safe Easypack® containers. These containers are then collected and transported using approved transport vehicles. The lamps, bulbs, fluorescent tube lights and CFL’s are processed using specialized equipment, separating the lamps into recyclable materials. The whole process is ecofriendly with ZERO landfill concept.”
Dulsco is the only waste management company and among very few HR solution providers in the region to be awarded the Superbrand status for the second consecutive year. It is a limited liability company and has expanded its services to include all the Emirates and neighbouring Gulf countries. Dulsco was also acknowledged as one of the top 20 companies to work for in the UAE, recently by the Great Places To Work For Institute, a global research and management consultancy.

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